project management software

What you need from your project management software

Project management software can’t make your product great, but it can help build a great project team – and that’s half the battle. A successful project manager knows that a successful project team needs to work as a cohesive whole, … Continue Reading

project management

‘Silicon Valley’ and how not to manage projects

A comedy of errors makes for a great TV show, but not so much for great project management. The critically acclaimed Silicon Valley tells the story of programmer Richard and the many baffling ways he mismanages a billion-dollar idea. It’s … Continue Reading

Troubleshooting alongside your client

In this day and age, not making full use of the technological wonders that we possess to help clients is a terrible mistake. With just a few clicks you can get access to a world of services dedicated to the … Continue Reading


Showcase your resolved client issues or positive client relations

Managing a helpdesk is not easy. We’re all willing to admit that much, but sometimes good things happen and you should showcase that. A good statistic, a positive story, a worthy cause, these are all good examples you should show … Continue Reading

automate your helpdesk

Should I Automate My Helpdesk?

The helpdesk world is now faced with so many great new functions like chatbots and live video conference. In a modern and technologically advancing world like this one, how much automation should a helpdesk have nowadays? Helpdesk automation is an … Continue Reading

organize your clients

Organize your clients into levels: the key to helpdesk management

Let’s be honest, not all clients are created equal. That might sound mean or elitist but it is actually kind of true. Even for a small business, large clients, or well established ones, can represent a huge bonus for you … Continue Reading

basic helpdesk

Get smart, don’t do basic helpdesk: go the extra mile.

Get smart, don’t do basic helpdesk: go the extra mile. Don’t send an email when they say they have trouble with their email service. Don’t send them a notification to let them know you won’t be sending them any more … Continue Reading

business language

Make your jargon (business language) into English

Ever skipped through a Terms of Service (ToS) agreement? Ever glossed over the amazing facts printed on some random box of electronics? Ever read the entire description of a business website and re-read five more times and still not understood … Continue Reading

product idea development

A Product Idea Comes From All Places, Not Just the Same Industry

Developing new ideas is something that a lot of developers fail to do on a consistent basis. So many developers who are successful often find themselves resting on their laurels. Instead of really stopping to think about the different things … Continue Reading

What Should You Choose a Soft or a Hard Product Release

What Should You Choose: a Soft, or a Hard Product Release? Developers utilize the expressions “soft release” and “hard release” to portray two marketing techniques when conveying a product to the general population. One technique is unpretentious while the other … Continue Reading