Creating Teams in OneDesk

Get Collaborative OneDesk allows you to create teams and collaborate with colleagues, offsite team members, partners and customers. In this OneDesk Quick Start Guide we’ll teach you how to build your OneDesk team. We’ll also introduce you to some important … Continue Reading

OneDesk Acquires Ryma

July 11, 2012 — OneDesk (, provider of the world’s first unified product and services platform announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Ryma Technology Solutions, a leader in product management software. OneDesk is the only product that … Continue Reading

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Pragmatic Marketing Goes Social: Technology Assessment

The speed of innovation today is very much a product of the increasing connectedness, not just of individuals, but the networks, applications and content we create and use. In this installment of our “Pragmatic Marketing Goes social” series we are … Continue Reading

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Pragmatic Marketing goes Social: Competitive Landscape

Probably THE most important stage in any product-related research and analysis is the Competitive Landscape, and yet it’s very near limitless scope makes it a dangerously time-consuming and potentially paralyzing activity. In this, our next installament of OneDesk’s Pragmatic Marketing … Continue Reading

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Pragmatic Marketing Goes Social: The Product Management & Product Marketing Survey

The State-of-the-State of Product Management: Special Report from Pragmatic Marketing Returning from a couple of weeks hiatus, our Pragmatic Marketing Goes Social series, takes a brief break from the blue blocks to look at the findings of this year’s Annual … Continue Reading

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Pragmatic Marketing Goes Social: Distinctive Competence

Pragmatic Marketing Goes Social – Episode 3 – Distinctive Competence Before the spring break we got a pretty good head of steam on our Pragmatic Marketing Framework Goes Social series. But now as I look at the giant grid of … Continue Reading

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Pragmatic Marketing & Social Product Development – A Perfect Union? (Part II)

Pragmatic Marketing & Social Product Development – A Perfect Union – Episode 2 – Win/Loss Analysis Welcome to the second installment of our Pragmatic Marketing Series, a weekly examination of the Pragmatic Marketing Framework (PMF) as seen through the lens … Continue Reading

Pragmatic Marketing Goes Social?

Pragmatic Marketing & Social Product Development – A Perfect Union This week, we are excited to introduce a regular weekly series of discussions looking at Social Product Development in the context of the Pragmatic Marketing Framework. Conceived and taught by … Continue Reading

Lowering Costs & Risks Through Social Product Development

Lowering Costs & Risks Through Social Product Development Among the harsh realities of managing products is the very real possibility that once all the work creating, improving and launching a product is done, it simply doesn’t fly. While the jeopardy … Continue Reading

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OneDesk Webinar Fridays – Integrating your team into the Product Development Process

How quickly a week goes by! Last Friday was our first weekly Webinar of the year, and we’ve already had a great deal of positive feedback from all of the clients, press and analysts that attended. Thanks to everyone who … Continue Reading