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Bringing Product Teams to the Table – OneDesk Webinar Fridays

As we leap into 2012, OneDesk is excited to announce the launch of a new series of product-focused webinars we’ll be hosting each and every Friday. OneDesk Webinar Fridays will provide an introduction of the benefits of OneDesk along with … Read More

Why Companies and Consumers need Couples Counselling – Part 2 (A new approach to market-aligned product management)

Just before the holidays in Part I of this post, I pointed to but a few of the symptoms of a what I see as a deeply dysfunctional relationship between companies and the consumers that buy their products. I cited … Read More

Why Companies and Consumers Need Couples Counselling

Part 1 In our increasingly disposable world – geared in every way toward the act of consuming, it’s no wonder that the things we buy seem increasingly less usable and reliable. While offshore manufacturing and cheap dollar store knock offs … Read More

Social Marketing to Business Customer – OneDesk Book Reviews

In their anticipated and now acclaimed book, Social Marketing to the Business Customer, Veteran communicators Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman have hit the social web nail on the head. The product of years of consulting and conversations with industry insiders … Read More

Clues from the Cluetrain: Old lessons for new media

What can the early Internet classic, the Cluetrain Manifesto tell us about creating customer connections in today’s the social web? Evidently, alot. “The industrial interruption of the human conversation — is coming to an end. On the Internet, markets are … Read More