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OneDesk listed as top PM platform

Project management has and always will be a collaborative team effort. Evidently, there are numerous benefits associated with effective project management including: Increased visibility More accurate estimates Increased responsiveness Efficient real-time analysis More streamlined product workflows   An effective project … Continue Reading

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How to do a Gantt chart in OneDesk

Ever wondered how to do a gantt chart using OneDesk’s powerful project management tools? OneDesk’s Gantt charts, enable you to visually display bar charts which help you to organize and manage your projects. They also allow product and project teams … Continue Reading

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We’ve been featured on EnterpriseApps Today!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been featured on EnterpriseApps Today! In his recently published review, OneDesk Has Centralized Collaboration, Social Media Monitoring, seasoned technology writer Paul Mah discusses some of the key components of OneDesk’s project management … Continue Reading

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Customer service complaints demystified

Customer service complaints management in OneDesk


Customer questions: Answered

Turning customer questions into product gold OneDesk features a customer portal that enables you to capture customer questions, and a help desk module to organize and manage customer questions related to your products or services. These activities ensure the right … Continue Reading

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Customer support system- OneDesk

Building a better customer support system It is no secret that providing exceptional online customer support presents many challenges to businesses: Difficult to manage high volume of support inquiries through various different social channels Rapidly rising and shifting customer expectations. … Continue Reading

Open business: McDonald’s gets it right

Food giant adopts an open business approach A few days ago, while browsing videos on our OneDesk YouTube page, I saw an ad for McDonald’s Canada new open business concept: A social media platform, called “Our Food. Your Questions,” that … Continue Reading

Defect management and issue tracking

Defect management just got fun! Being able to view and manage issues, tasks and projects from the same place just makes sense. While OneDesk is unique in the industry providing this unified view, we also provide a great deal of … Continue Reading


Ask for input via the customer portal

Ask for input related to your products and services The whole OneDesk process stems around the idea that the best requirements are created from good feedback. One of the ways that we can ask for input regarding issues or ideas … Continue Reading

PM team tools: OneDesk webinar

Helping your pm team manage tasks and issues, together! Hey pm teams! Pop quiz: What makes OneDesk unique from any other issue or task management application? That’s easy. It allows your pm team to effortlessly view their issues and tasks … Continue Reading