Case Study: OneDesk and LifeLearn

Global Mission with a Local Focus We are pleased to announce that LifeLearn, a global leader in the development of leading-edge educational resources for life sciences professionals based at the prestigious Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph, has … Continue Reading

Requirements prioritization and analysis in OneDesk

Simple product requirements prioritization OneDesk comes built in with requirements analysis and prioritization tools which provide calculations and allows for the comparison between customer satisfaction scores, financial analysis, strategic alignment analysis and customer popularity scores. These tools essentially save your … Continue Reading


How to generate leads with OneDesk

How to generate leads through various feedback channels OneDesk’s allows customers, or potential customers to communicate with your company using email addresses provided to them. For instance, a customer may submit a piece of feedback that may be later identified … Continue Reading

Customer Satisfaction Analysis Simplified

Understanding customer satisfaction scores in OneDesk It is no secret that in today’s marketplace, nothing less than exceptional quality customer service will drive quality customer satisfaction. Innovative organizations know that they must go beyond meeting the needs of customers and … Continue Reading

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Collaborate on Issues and Tasks

Easily collaborate with other team members To collaborate around a particular issue or task you can hold a discussion with different team members. The collaboration inbox will enable you to easily communicate with both internal and external team members across … Continue Reading

Idea teams need software too

Powerful product collaboration software for your entire innovation and idea team Innovative ideas can come from many different channels and individuals across your organization. The question to consider is: How many of these potentially great ideas are being put into … Continue Reading

onedesk interface

Bulk Operations on Feedback Items

The bulk edit button allows you to make multiple changes to several pieces of feedback at the same time. Here’s how: 1. Click the bulk edit button located in your icons menu. A new window will appear entitled “bulk edit-feedback”. … Continue Reading

How to use OneDesk’s Requirement Application

Among the many integrated features built into OneDesk, is a powerful set of requirement management and analysis tools that let you be flexible and maintain control over your product requirements. As part of our new series of use cases, here’s … Continue Reading

Issue reporting with OneDesk

Easy issue reporting within OneDesk Within OneDesk is a powerful and unique issue reporting and tracking tool that enables you to effortlessly create, manage and efficiently resolve any reported issues and defects or bug fixes in a timely manner. OneDesk … Continue Reading

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We’ve been featured on Innovation Excellence!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been featured on Innovation Excellence today! Our recently published article, Customer-Centric Model for Product Innovation, discusses some of the important elements involved in building a customer-centric model for product innovation. (Hint: One … Continue Reading