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Managing customers through various feedback channels

Managing customers effectively in the era of engagement We are pleased to announce that OneDesk has been featured on The Social Customer today. In my article, Channeling The Social Customer, I discuss the importance of multi-channel customer feedback management as … Continue Reading

Product Release Management with OneDesk

OneDesk comes built-in with useful product release management capabilities. In the top-level projects view, we see a nice visual lay out of all of our product releases. For instance what is illustrated below is version 1, 2, and 3 of … Continue Reading

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Building product roadmaps with OneDesk

Building product roadmaps: There is an easier way Building product roadmaps, that are data-driven, is the key to tackling all of the challenges and managing expectations during the various stages of development. But, what does this all really mean? Essentially … Continue Reading

New product development insights: Interview with Boris Golden from Pealk

I recently spoke with Boris Golden, Lead Product Manager at Pealk, a great new product out of Paris, France that aims to dramatically simplify the way we engage with professionals on LinkedIn. Boris expressed an interest in OneDesk, specifically to … Continue Reading


Identify gaps in your product strategy

Identify gaps and dysfunctions within your organization We recognize that our customers have unique business needs. That is why we have launched a few different Webinars tracks to help them identify gaps in their product development process: Turning Customer Feedback … Continue Reading

Product owner: What does it take?

Demystifying the role of the product owner in your organization What does a product owner actually do? Is this key role well-defined in your organization? For many teams, the actual responsibilities of a product owner are often unclear. Why is … Continue Reading

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Multichannel customer service: A happy ending

The importance of multichannel customer engagement The social web has rapidly become the preferred channel to engage with customers. As a result, it has become a top priority for many organizations looking to strengthen their customer relationship management strategy. However, … Continue Reading


Data-driven product development: OneDesk

Product-focused, data-driven In last week’s Webinar, I provided a high level overview of OneDesk and some of the ways that it can help product professionals , listen and engage with customers, make better decisions, and take action based on data-driven … Continue Reading

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PLM blog reviews OneDesk

OneDesk featured on Clarity on PLM Jim Brown is the president of Tech-Clarity. Jim is a seasoned expert and analyst in software solutions for manufacturers with a strong focus on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and other … Continue Reading

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Product Manager Meme

The Product Manager Meme Finally, a meme for the product manager If you have spent any time browsing the social web lately, you have probably seen the “What People Think I Do” memes spreading like wildfire across millions of social … Continue Reading