Creating products ain’t easy: Part 2

Creating products in a sea of requests, backlogs, and priorities It is no secret that product teams encounter numerous unexpected or unforeseen challenges while planning out and creating products. They may even find themselves drowning in an endless sea of … Continue Reading

Developing products ain’t easy: Part 1

Developing products is just the tip of the iceberg Product managers are looking for ways to reap the benefits of successful product planning and execution. Yet, despite all of the efforts, navigating the waves of the product development ocean is … Continue Reading

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Roadmap planning: There’s a better way

Product roadmap planning: A big piece of the development puzzle We are thrilled with the response we have received from our latest Webinar Friday series, titled, Building a Data-Driven Product Roadmap. We have also received an overwhelming number of questions … Continue Reading


Agile planning: Putting the wheels in motion

The agile planning checklist In their most recent publication of The Product Management Journal, the great team over at Product Focus offers up a few tips to help you get the most out of your agile planning. Here are three … Continue Reading

Custom labels: Defining your own lexicon

Strengthening your organizational culture with custom labels Yesterday, we were very pleased to introduce our latest feature inside OneDesk, labels configurability. You’re now able to create personalized labels and apply them to all your processes across the entire application. It’s … Continue Reading

Product plans: New tools available

Developing product plans can be challenging There is no doubt that building a product roadmap can substantially increase your chances of bringing your product to market faster and in a more cost effective manner. Nevertheless, the product planning process can … Continue Reading

Agile strategies and alternatives

A recent article by Barry Jaruzelski and Richard Holman of Booz & Company, examined the current state of product development in the manufacturing and design industry. According to Jaruzelski and Holman with a rapidly evolving marketplace and the constant changes … Continue Reading

Product comments: Love is in the air!

These days, organizations place so much emphasis on reputation management and discovering what customers don’t like about products and services. Evidently, having a good grasp on the demands of the marketplace is important, but what about all of those great … Continue Reading

Creating requirements from feedback

Whether your focus is Project Management, Product Management or Product Marketing you can use OneDesk to develop and deliver better products to market faster. Creating requirements from one or more pieces of feedback As a product professional, you must select … Continue Reading

Requirement tools and methods

What requirement tools do you prefer? A critical component of a successful product development process is requirements management. Within this process, generating product requirements from several different sources, such as customer feedback, support issues, and company objectives, can be challenging. … Continue Reading