Experience co-creation: Engagement

What is experience co-creation? Francis Gouillart, president of the president of the Experience Co-Creation Partnership, defines Experience co-creation (ECC) is a fresh perspective on value creation. It requires organizations to rethink their engagement process, and re-evaluate the manner in which … Continue Reading

Innovative companies: Some fun facts

Top 5 most innovative companies of 2011 Fast Company has released a list of what they think are the top 50 most innovative companies of 2011. Check it out here. 1. Apple Over the past couple of years, Apple has … Continue Reading

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Customer support and the social web

The social web: The new customer support hub The social web has had a tremendous impact on the customer-organization relationship. More specifically it has changed the method in which customers communicate with organizations and how they in turn receive, manage … Continue Reading

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We’ve been featured in Business Review USA!

Image source: Business Review USA, October 2011 Issue   We are pleased to announce that OneDesk has been featured in the October 2011 issue of Business Review USA. We invite you to read the article and share your thoughts: Product … Continue Reading

Product Collaboration with OneDesk

Enterprise product collaboration Competition is fierce and in a down economy, the need to achieve business growth is crucial. Great product development involves being able to keep up with a rapidly changing marketplace. Great product development means being able to … Continue Reading

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Social CRM: The next level

What is Social CRM? Paul Greenberg, author of CRM at the Speed of Light defines Social CRM as a method : “….designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide a mutually beneficial value in a … Continue Reading


Innovation-driven, customer-focused

What it means to be innovation-driven During these difficult and turbulent economic times, organizations need to develop and maintain an innovation-driven mindset. • Being tuned-in to industry trends and possessing a deep understanding of market needs and trendsThis means: • … Continue Reading

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Social software: Collaboration 2.0

Using Social software for business collaboration Social software is increasingly being used by organizations of all sizes and industries, to help facilitate and promote collaboration and as a result, eliminate communication barriers and silos between suppliers, employees, business partners and … Continue Reading


Develop products that stick

How do we develop products customers will love? We always ask ourselves, what do our customers really want? We often debate whether customers even really know what they want. However, one thing that is certain and unchanging is that customers … Continue Reading

View our guest post on On Product Management

We invite you to read our guest post, What can Tacos Teach Product Managers about Social Product Development?, on the OPM blog, to learn how product managers can integrate social media monitoring tools into the product development process. Related blog … Continue Reading