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Social customers: Who are they?

Understanding the social customer “They are tweeting, liking, sharing, linking and checking-in–the social customer spends a lot of time plugged into the web, talking about a vast variety of products and services.” The social customer can be found at the … Continue Reading


Enterprise social applications for every role

Enterprise social applications for everybody in your team The practical OneDesk enterprise social applications address the needs of your entire team. OneDesk provides a suite of integrated social business applications for all members of your organization. The Marketing, Support and … Continue Reading

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Value co-creation and product development

Value co-creation and your customers I recently came across an article written by Guarav Balla in 2009 entitled The DNA of Value Co-Creation. Although it was written two years ago, it is still highly pertinent to today’s discussion on customer-organization … Continue Reading

We’ve been featured in Front End of Innovation!

Over the last few months, we have been sharing our insights related to trends in social product management and best practices for successful product and service innovation. We invite you to read our recently published post, Improving the front and … Continue Reading

Multi-channel customer engagement with OneDesk

The importance of multi-channel customer engagement I read an interesting article by Sara Kowal of ePrize entitled Consumers Are Like Teenagers: Why Multi-Channel Engagement is Key, this morning that got me thinking about customer relationships. In the post, Kowal explains … Continue Reading

Social media monitoring with OneDesk

Listen to your customers through social media with OneDesk The social web is no longer just a space where individuals connect. These days, it is used as a communication channel for sharing ideas, suggestions, insight, questions and even product and … Continue Reading

Personalization and preferences in OneDesk

Add a personal touch with OneDesk personalization and branding features Add a personal touch to your OneDesk employee interface: Choose from our predefined colour themes Add your company logo to strengthen corporate branding Set privacy rules and personalize security setting … Continue Reading


Online customer service and social media

The relationship between online customer service and social media The social web has dramatically changed the way that customers communicate with organizations and how they in turn receive, manage and respond to customer service inquiries. We, at OneDesk are very … Continue Reading

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The social web: Shaping product innovation

The social web impacts product Innovation Interesting results on the impact of social media on product innovation were revealed in a recent study conducted by the consulting firm Kalypso. The biggest impact reported by 20% of organizations using social media … Continue Reading

Business collaboration: Horses versus camels

Business collaboration: Challenges There is an ancient proverb that many refer to when identifying ineffective business collaboration and decision-making: “A camel is a horse designed by a committee.” In the ideation and innovation processes, a camel is produced instead of … Continue Reading