We’ve been featured on Innovation Management!

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OneDesk features powerful automation tools

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could automate some of the routine and common tasks in our lives? (You are nodding your head in agreement, I presume.) Imagine a machine that automatically makes coffee at the exact same time every … Continue Reading

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OneDesk: Raising the bar on customer service

With the advent and increasing popularity of social networking, help for customers is no longer just a phone call or email away. Organizations are quickly realizing that customers can also get help through Tweets and Facebook posts. The process of … Continue Reading

Introducing OneDesk: Your social product innovation platform

OneDesk helps businesses become more social We are very excited to announce the release of OneDesk and the addition of several great new applications including: Social Media Monitoring: Listen, engage and respond to your customers on the social web, such … Continue Reading

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How to innovate with customers

Challenging question: How to innovate with customers? The advent of social technology has created great opportunities for you to collaborate with your customers and make them active co-creators in the product and service development process. You know the importance of … Continue Reading

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Product feedback: Communication breakdown

Product feedback management is challenging As organizations in all industries race against the clock to get customer pleasing products to market faster than the competition and at a lower cost, customers are clamoring to get more involved in the development … Continue Reading

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Social business strategy insights

Your social business strategy: A staple of product development “Social business is no longer a nice to have, but is now a business imperative to improve customer communication and engagement, build loyal partner networks and improve internal collaboration.” – Jim … Continue Reading

Product failures and how to avert them

The increase in new product failure rates Organizations are actively seeking new ways to fuse innovation into their current product development strategies. The cost of not innovating is extremely high and organizations unable to do so, risk lagging behind their … Continue Reading


New product ideas fuel business growth

Innovating with new product ideas It is no secret that many organizations find it challenging to remain dominant in today’s constantly shifting marketplace. Innovation is the key to managing these challenges and to survival. This starts with the ability to … Continue Reading

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New product introduction: Ready for takeoff

The new product introduction checklist If you are a product manager you most likely love making checklists (am I right?). During the product development management process, there is no greater satisfaction than being able to check off or cross off … Continue Reading