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Knowledge management with OneDesk

What is knowledge management, and why are so many organizations embracing it? It has emerged as a process to create organizational learning through the management of people, processes and change. With the growing trend of social media and increased collaboration, … Continue Reading

Social Collaboration: Get connected

The growth of social collaboration “Enterprise 2.0 is the use of emergent social software platforms within companies or between companies and their partners or customers.” -Andrew McAfee, Associate Professor at Harvard Business School Social collaboration is becoming more pervasive in … Continue Reading

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Organizational innovation: In’s and out’s

Organizational innovation defined I understand organizational innovation as the ability to identify and implement new, improved or creative methods of operation within the workplace. Relating to products and services, the goal of organizational innovation is introduce new or improved products … Continue Reading


Enterprise Collaboration: Going forward

Enterprise collaboration management in 2011 Fully engaging and collaborating with all internal and external stakeholders (including customers, business partners and employees) is becoming increasingly an integral part of the success of an organization, and to the creation of a competitive … Continue Reading

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Social product innovation: Closing the gap

Importance of the social web in social product development We all know the social web has a tremendous impact on product development and has promoted increased collaboration and social engagement within organizations of every size, in every industry. The increase … Continue Reading


Social engagement and NBC’s “The Voice”

Social engagement and the web The social web has had a tremendous impact on product development and has promoted increased collaboration and social engagement within organizations of every size, in every industry. Furthermore, the increase in availability of multiple social … Continue Reading

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Co-creating: Best practices

Co-creating: Going beyond the definition If you are not quite sure what co-creating means, I invite you to visit my past blog posts that explore some of the ways co-creation is used to enhance social product development. Beyond defining and … Continue Reading

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Lean Production: The basics

A simple definition of lean production “Lean production is about defining value as perceived by the customer, actual features and services that they expect.” – @LeanMan According to wikipedia.org, lean production is a process aimed at eliminating resources or elements … Continue Reading


Co-innovation: Fostering collaboration

Add co-innovation to your product management lexicon The world of product development has undergone an enormous face-lift and changed some of the most fundamental ways many industries do business. Companies struggling to maintain an advantage in fiercely competitive markets are … Continue Reading

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Feedback tools: Engage with your customers

Feedback tools enable you to Listen, Engage and Take Action Customer feedback management is a critical component of a successful client building and product development strategies. There are a multitude of methods to capture, analyze, manage and incorporate customer feedback … Continue Reading