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Stakeholder engagement: Working together

What is stakeholder engagement? “It is difficult to overlook the importance of stakeholders in project and product development processes.” -Erika Roshdi, IMS Consulting Leading edge organizations are quickly recognizing the business benefits that increased stakeholder engagement creates, and have made … Continue Reading

Product roadmap tools: Guiding organizations

The importance of creating a good product roadmap “A good roadmap is a useful product management tool: it informs the business, guides our tactics, and prevents us from getting distracted.” – Paul Young, Product Beautiful Challenges in developing a product … Continue Reading

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Leave Feedback Management To Us

Why you want your customers to leave feedback about your products and services It’s a fact. Today’s social customer will actively engage with their favorite brands and gladly leave feedback related to their experiences. Despite this incredible customer involvement, many … Continue Reading

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Co-creative wisdom for modern enterprises

Co-creative methods for customer engagement In the article “Building the Co-creative Enterprise,” Francis Gouillart and Venkat Ramaswamy use Lego to illustrate the success of adopting a co-creative mindset and enhancing customer engagement. They explain how Lego invited customers to participate … Continue Reading

Social innovation: Product development 2.0

Social innovation fuels product development As competition to gain market share increases, leading companies, like Lego, GM and Threadless, are actively exploring innovative strategies for bringing more profitable products to the market more quickly. One of these strategies is social … Continue Reading

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Innovation strategies: Creating advantage

Staying ahead in the marketplace with effective innovation strategies Successful companies understand that in order to stay in the game and achieve profitability they need to constantly innovate. The development of an effective innovation strategy provide organizations with a framework … Continue Reading

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Team innovation: Creating stellar products

What is team innovation? Team innovation is the collective efforts of team members working together to provide solutions to the product development process. Transforming a concept into a successful and profitable product is not an easy task and requires the … Continue Reading

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Product innovation: Going social

Who drives product innovation? They are tweeting, liking, sharing, linking and checking-in–the social customer spends a lot of time online interacting and talking about a vast variety of products and services. The Internet provides endless channels for customers to communicate … Continue Reading

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Manage customer insights with OneDesk

Why organizations need to manage customer feedback In order to derive the maximum benefit from customer feedback you need to have an effective process to solicit, collect and use valuable information to improve the way you do business. In-depth understanding … Continue Reading

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Customer interface management

Defining the “organization-customer interface” The “organization-customer interface” refers to the dynamic exchange of information between the customer and a company. In recent years, the “organization-customer interface” has undergone major transformation due to the effects of the Internet and of globalization. … Continue Reading