Ideation: Enhance product innovation

What is ideation? There are many definitions of this term swirling around the web and of course this may make it much harder to get a firm, fundamental grasp on the concept. Dorian Simpson, author of Ideation 101: Discovering new … Read More

Customer innovation: Driving business

Understanding customer innovation In his blog “The Design of Opportunity: Defining Customer Innovation”, Chris Lawer, Managing Director of Strategyn UK & CEO-Founder of ZinC, explains that customer innovation incorporates several different concepts that help to address the changing needs of … Read More

Co-create value: Leverage customer insight

“Customers are fundamentally changing the dynamics of the marketplace. The market has become a forum in which consumers play an active role in creating and competing for value.” -Venkat Ramaswamy Customers and designers work together to co-create innovative products The … Read More

Reasons to get feedback from customers

What is your organization doing to get feedback from your customers? If you are still collecting feedback the traditional way (through surveys, focus groups, questionnaires) you may be missing opportunities to truly engage with your customers and create long-lasting productive … Read More

Co-Creation and New Product Development

What is customer co-creation? Dave Sloan, CEO of Treehouse Logic, defines customer co-creation as the “practice of allowing customers to build their own products”. Through the sharing of their ideas and suggestions, customers become collaborative members of the product development … Read More

Market-driven product development

What is market-driven product development? Market-driven product development (MDPD) helps teams obtain greater understanding of their customers’ needs and then take action to develop successful products aligned with customer expectations and marketplace demand. MDPD is a customer-centric approach that has … Read More

Provide feedback channels for customer

Open the doors to your customers by allowing them to provide feedback Whether you are venturing into a new market, re-branding an existing product or introducing a new one, your organization needs to give customers a vehicle to provide feedback. … Read More

Customers’ data: Invaluable insight

Customers’ data provides valuable information In an era where people are comfortable voicing their opinions, online, about products and services, companies can determine customer needs by strategically collecting and integrating customers’ data (feedback, suggestions, ideas, issues, questions, etc.) into the … Read More

Community comments: Unlocking value

The impact of community comments on your business Customers are online right now talking about your products and services, and when you become part of this conversation you can realize the actual quantifiable return for investing in community comments. There … Read More

Feedback forms: Online collaboration

The importance of the feedback form A little while ago I posted an article about the importance of site feedback. The advice I gave was to gather feedback, using a feedback form that is well designed, user friendly, and above … Read More