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Customer response management: Tips for success

Managing and improving the quality of customer responses Though the term can take on several meanings, in this case “customer response management” is defined as the steps an organization takes to address the needs of their customers. How does an … Continue Reading

Agile Development and Product Management

What is agile development? Fierce competition requires quick responses to evolving and changing marketplace trends. In collaboration with the customer and technology representatives, the project manager completes the initial planning while the business analyst defines and prioritizes the solution features. … Continue Reading

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Customer-Driven Product Development

Defining customer-driven product development Customers no longer play a passive role but are now recognized as collaborative partners in the product development process. Today’s fast paced market and fierce competition demand that product development teams have a good understanding of … Continue Reading

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Online feedback: Customer participation

Integration of online feedback into the product/service development process Given the substantial benefits to online feedback, why are organizations slow to embrace this way of working? Perhaps they don’t have the expertise or the tools to seek online feedback and … Continue Reading

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Customer community: Best practices

Customer community: Interacting online Today’s modern web 2.0 driven world is marked by a strong and abundant presence of online customer communities. These groups of like-minded individuals come together and interact online around a brand or a set of product … Continue Reading

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Satisfaction Management Strategies

What is satisfaction management? As organizations become more customer centric satisfaction management is a process that helps them to measure how well they deliver on customer requirements. Central to the idea of satisfaction management and its measurement is that strong … Continue Reading

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Feedback process: Managing insight

The importance of an effective feedback process You don’t know what your customers really think or want, until you ask them. Collecting feedback from your customers is an important part of the product and service development process. Feedback involves discovering … Continue Reading

Forum Software and Social Collaboration

What is forum software? Forum software is designed for community and collaboration. Forum software allows you to capture and share knowledge, discover new innovative ideas, discover customer support inquiries, all within a social platform. Businesses are fueled by the generated … Continue Reading

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Customer Relations: Improving the customer experience

Customer relations: Defined Customer relations refers to the process that a company uses to communicate, interact, connect and do business with the buyers or users of their products or services. It involves the management of communications and interactions, so that … Continue Reading

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Survey feedback: Benefits and challenges

The importance of survey feedback One of the best ways to tap into customer ideas and gain insight from online customer communities is to simply collect feedback through surveys. Companies that want to know what their customers want, use survey … Continue Reading