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Customer Intelligence: Understanding your customers

Customer intelligence is more than information Wikipedia defines customer intelligence as “the process of gathering and analysing information regarding customers, their details and their activities, in order to build deeper and more effective customer relationships and improve strategic decision making.” … Continue Reading

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Customer Lifecycle Management

Understanding the customer lifecycle Does your organization focus on product or customer lifecycles? Do you know if your customer touch points are supporting your business goals and strategies? Are you converting prospects into loyal customers who advocate on your behalf? … Continue Reading

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User feedback: Are you paying attention?

User feedback: Business implications Before we talk about user feedback, let’s explore one important question: Are your customers the central focus of your business? If you do not operate with the fundamental belief that everything must revolve around attracting and … Continue Reading

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Ideas management: Promoting innovation

Ideas management: Involve everyone Does your company give customers the opportunity to submit their ideas regarding product development or service improvements to key decision-makers? Does your company use customer and employee ideas to ensure the right products and services are … Continue Reading


User community: Drive innovation

User community: Building a competitive advantage Connecting customers, partners and employees can be difficult. Elements, such as, real-time insight, meaningful feedback and a collaborative work process, can combine to create a culture capable of thriving during difficult times. The active … Continue Reading


Feedback systems: Enhancing product development

Feedback systems increase profitability Well managed customer relationships, timely focused communications and feedback systems combine to develop an acute understanding of customer needs. This in turn increases the potential for products to be profitable once introduced to the marketplace. Feedback … Continue Reading

Customer portals: Gateways to your customers

Customer portals encourage sharing of critical information Customer portals are multichannel applications that easily encourage sharing of information and content between your customer and the team members in your organization. Essentially, the information gathered and analyzed from a customer portal … Continue Reading


Site feedback: Enhance the customer experience

Site feedback helps optimize your website There are many things to consider when building a website: the message that you want to convey to your various stakeholders and a multitude of design elements, such as, colour, layout, graphics…and the list … Continue Reading


Customer feedback integration: It’s not a choice, ‘it’s a necessity’

The importance of customer feedback Many companies find it difficult to acquire customer feedback in a timely and useful manner. Customer satisfaction surveys and focus groups are used by most companies to develop products, but the data provided is either … Continue Reading

Creating Customer Loyalty

What is Customer Loyalty? Customer loyalty is the notion that customers are faithful, devoted and attached to specific products and companies that satisfy their needs. Loyalty is generated from attitudes and feelings customer’s associate with a particular product which then … Continue Reading