The Voice of the Customer

New Year’s resolution: Listen to the “voice of the customer” and take action Today, it is impossible to read an article or blog on managing customer interactions without seeing the term “voice of the customer”. It has become a key … Read More

A User Driven Approach To Product Development

What is user driven content? User driven content is information that has been heavily influenced by the opinions, thoughts and ideas of individuals. The notion is that customers are no longer spectators but collaborative partners in business development. Today, customers … Read More

What do your customers think? Ask for feedback!

Ask for feedback on a continuous basis Do you regularly ask for feedback from your customers regarding product suggestions, preferences, likes and dislikes? Do you ask for feedback about the customer’s experience? Systematically asking for feedback, carefully analyzing and turning … Read More

How social media affects customer relationships

Social Media and Customer Relationship Management Social media can negatively or positively impact customer relationship management Social media has quickly replaced traditional media as the primary source of information related to an organization’s brand. The endless amount of online communication … Read More

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Involvement More than ever, customers demand products and services that fit their needs. It is imperative that companies provide customers with a process to participate fully at every stage of product and service development. This ensures … Read More