Product backlogs: Take action on feedback

Managing product backlogs can be a challenge Product backlogs. Every product manager is faced with them at some point in the product development process. As we know, product management is more than just creating and managing product backlogs. Often a … Continue Reading

Requirements Engineering Conferences 2014

Upcoming Requirements Engineering Conferences Requirements engineering events are hard to find. There are only a handful of events that take place every year. Here is a list of future requirements engineering conferences happening all around the world: 1. The 22nd … Continue Reading

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Automate your product workflows

Automate those repetitive time consuming tasks with OneDesk’s workflow tools. This set of applications enable organizations to automate their product workflows and streamline their business processes. Automate your customer service systems By setting up an automatic trigger or scheduled item … Continue Reading

User stories vs use cases: The basics

User stories vs use cases: Are they the same? User stories vs. use cases. It’s a common topic of conversation among developers, and product managers. Before I go any further, it is important to understand that user stories and use … Continue Reading

Innovation Conferences in 2013: Top 3

Innovation conferences to help ignite your team Encouraging and promoting the exchange of ideas in the workplace is no easy task. It consists of determining the right mix of innovation ingredients for your organization and culture. Innovation is not something … Continue Reading

Customer feedback systems: Add a portal

Customer feedback systems: Customer portals Customer feedback systems enable you to gather valuable insight from the people who know your products the best – your customers. Part of OneDesk’s larger set of integrated social business applications is a powerful customer … Continue Reading

Teamwork and collaboration: Revealing statistics

Competition is fierce and in a down economy, the need for teamwork and collaboration is crucial. Great product development involves being able to keep up with a rapidly changing marketplace. Great product development means being able to leverage teamwork and … Continue Reading

What is scope creep?

What is scope creep? Scope creep is unpredictable, like a snake in the grass, waiting silently for the right moment to strike its prey, it may be detrimental to the health of your projects. If it not addressed and managed … Continue Reading

Developing requirements in a snap

Developing requirements shouldn’t be a nightmare In today’s fast-paced environment, organizations need to bring products to market faster and more efficiently. That means better resource planning, improved team collaboration, increased visibility and traceability across the development process, and of course … Continue Reading

Project Management Events 2013

Project Managements Events 2013: Our top picks We’ve searched the web far and wide to find up some of the must-attend project management events of 2013. It’s time to roll out the big red carpet- because you can be sure … Continue Reading