Introducing the completely new OneDesk

It’s been a while since OneDesk had an interface refresh, though those of you who have been with us for a while will remember past updates. So without further ado, I would like you to meet the new OneDesk! This … Read More

Use Zapier to Integrate OneDesk with over 1000 Different Apps

We have been using Zapier to connect OneDesk to lots of different web applications for over a year now. When we first introduced our Zapier plug-in, it was full-featured enough to sync with a lot of other 3rd party systems. … Read More

Channelling Feedback – the OneDesk Experience

As a OneDesk user I have instant access to a number of customer oriented channels to capture feedback right out of the box. Upon signup for the application, you are given the following handy email addresses to get you started … Read More

Get collaborative in seconds – OneDesk “how to” video

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this short :45 (sec) video, we decided that it deserved a post of its own. At the heart of the OneDesk application are a set of easy-to-use collaboration functions that allow you to publish … Read More

Client Management Simplified

Client management: What is it? Providing great client service and seizing opportunities to increase sales revenues from every client interaction requires good record keeping and tracking processes. Keeping client information current and available to everyone who interacts with clients is … Read More

Customer Research: Effective methods

Customer research: Behavior patterns Are you interested in improving your understanding of how your customers think? Do you have an efficient customer research system that provides useful data for decision-making? In today’s networked world, customers are increasingly expressing themselves online. … Read More

Good customer service: Sharing the experience

Good customer service: Online vs. offline methods Every business knows the old saying: A satisfied customer will tell one or two people about it, and a dissatisfied customer will tell up to ten people. In an offline world this is … Read More

Social businesses: Connecting the dots

Social businesses: Positioned for increased profitability It is impossible these days to read a company’s blog without seeing the term social businesses. Changes in society and technology are providing opportunities for companies everywhere to become social businesses that interact with … Read More

Featureset est lancé en version bêta!

Featureset est lancé en version bêta!

Customer Value Management

Finding customer value Customers will find value in those products and services that fulfill their needs and solve their problems, quickly, effectively and at a low cost. Many organizations use feedback management programs to develop the products and services that … Read More