Widget Configuration

The widget provides a simple, one-off integration with your website. Once integrated, you can configure the widget from your OneDesk without any additional updates to your website. The widget gives customers access to several customer applications, displayed as tabs within … Continue Reading

Best Practices for Creating Custom Views

Aside from the default layouts, custom views allow you to display your data in unique, dynamic ways. Custom views are available in all the main OneDesk sections: tickets, tasks, projects, timesheets, customers, users, and analytics. You can easily view what … Continue Reading

Multi-language Support

OneDesk currently supports up to 11 languages (Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Netherlands, Norsk Bokmål, Português, русский, Svenska) with the ability to select the preferred language separately at either the company, user, or customer level. When choosing a new … Continue Reading

An IT non-profit switches from Spiceworks to OneDesk

There are many help desk software solutions available on the market today. Most of these applications provide the basic help desk functionalities but lack the robust tools and flexibility to adapt to the specific needs and workflows of different IT … Continue Reading

Best Practice: Auto Forward Email to Ticket

OneDesk automatically creates new tickets in your account when received from your email. Simply follow these best practices to set up your email to automatically forward to your OneDesk. Step 1. Go to Administration -> Tasks Step 2. Make note … Continue Reading

Create Projects Automatically

OneDesk has many tools to streamline your workflow. Automation is one of the most powerful and flexible ways to save time in your day to day work. One such tool is the ability to automate the creation of new projects. … Continue Reading

How a human resources firm uses OneDesk to manage client relationships

A human resources division is responsible for a wide range of essential activities, not limited to: recruitment, payroll, labour relations, and employee development. An effective human resources team is crucial to employee retention and satisfaction. All of these functions are … Continue Reading