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Collaborative Innovation: A Use Case

From time to time, OneDesk publishes “pie-in-the-sky” use cases to describe a certain issue or set of issues that a company or organization can face, and how OneDesk can ultimately benefit said company by providing a collaborative cloud-based solution to … Continue Reading


External Stakeholder Engagement

In a recent issue of Industrial Management & Data Systems, Silvia Ayuso affirms the following regarding using external sources such as the customer to fuel active innovation: “captured stakeholder information allow firms to create intangible resources that are difficult to … Continue Reading

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Manage Customers in Crisis

The last situation any company representative wants on their hands is a customer crisis– that untimely moment when suddenly, against all odds, at some point  in your customer care process, someone slips through the cracks. What makes these situations even … Continue Reading

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Market Penetration Projection the Google Way

Yesterday, Google released the news that they had hit their 62 millionth registered Google Plus user. Along with this came some impressive statistics pertaining to their projections– and that’s an understatement. As statistician Paul Allen (not to be confused with … Continue Reading

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Ideational Implications: Investing in Intangibles

One of the problems facing product-based businesses today is the constant pursuit to stay at the fore-front of uniqueness: to keep a steady flow of idea creation between consumers, product managers, and R&D in order to create originality of brand … Continue Reading

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Development of New Product Iterations

So, you’ve released your product and surprisingly, it isn’t getting the kind of reception you had hoped. No one is purchasing. No one is even testing it out. The few that do don’t give any feedback. Suddenly you start second-guessing … Continue Reading

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Automation Service in Flight and in Office

In his latest article on the evolution of aerospace, “When Will We Have Unmanned Commercial Airliners?”, Philip E. Ross touches on an ever-growing shift in the Aerospace industry defined by new developments in automation service: “In the sphere of commercial … Continue Reading