Innovation technology for your business

A common challenge many businesses face is finding a way to drive innovation throughout their organization, while facilitating their product innovation process. Yet, many are hesitant to incorporate the use of innovation technology within their organization as they fear a … Continue Reading

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Onboarding SaaS Customers and Users

Onboarding SaaS customers and users: Important! For many SaaS vendors and software companies, onboarding customers can be challenging. The process of onboarding is most often underestimated; many SaaS vendors and software companies don’t realize how crucial it is to make … Continue Reading


FAQ about OneDesk’s Webinars

If you’ve been tuned in to our website or social media channels, you’ve surely heard about OneDesk’s Webinars. Here’s a little FAQ we’ve compiled based on your questions. If we missed anything, feel free to ask away! When are OneDesk’s … Continue Reading

Drilling Down into your Roadmaps

In a previous blog post, I went through the process of using OneDesk to plan and build your product roadmap. From the time I’ve written that post this past November (November? Where did the time go?!) until now, more and … Continue Reading

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Customer Service Software Gone Social

When talking to our customers, I often get asked: What are the benefits of using OneDesk as customer service software? More and more organizations are starting to turn to Web 2.0 technologies to communicate with all their customers, and to … Continue Reading

OneDesk at a Glance: A Fun Animation

When cartoon characters use OneDesk… Task lists that keep growing before you have the chance to make another batch of post-it reminders, roadmaps that keep getting changed or erased, decision-making strategies that just aren’t effective – face it, we can … Continue Reading

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Popular ideas: Easily reveal what customers want most

Using OneDesk to easily reveal most popular ideas amongst customers It’s always interesting to find out what kinds of ideas customers have about your products, or which ones of your ideas customers like the most. Depending on how many customers … Continue Reading

OneDesk rolls out integrated worklogs to help manage workplace productivity (Press Release)

Latest release integrates automated worklogs for seamless, real-time project and productivity tracking MONTREAL, April 17, 2012 – OneDesk Inc., provider of the world’s first and only unified platform for product managers, innovators, engineers, marketers and support, is pleased to announce … Continue Reading

Tracking issues, tasks, and other items across projects

Tracking issues, tasks, and other items across projects We’ve heard your concerns, and are pleased to say we have acted on them. You’ve told us that tracking issues, tasks, feedback, requirements and any other item you are managing can be … Continue Reading

Assigned Task-Tracking with OneDesk

Assigned task-tracking using the assignment scheduler OneDesk comes with an innovative Assignment Scheduler, which allows you to view and schedule resource workload over time and keep track of your entire team’s assigned tasks. With OneDesk’s Assignment Scheduler, you can also: … Continue Reading