Social organization: What makes it one?

Social organization does not mean social media If someone were to ask you if your business is a social organization, what would you say? Good question, right? Many companies are stating to understand that it’s important to “go social,” however, … Continue Reading

Definition of innovation: Some best ones

In today’s extremely competitive business society, innovation has become a key player in defining a business’ success. At OneDesk, we believe in the importance of coming up with innovative business and product ideas. Our innovation and ideas application works in … Continue Reading

Product release made easy with OneDesk

How to use OneDesk to manage your product release OneDesk allows you to plan and keep track of releases and sub-projects with confidence, and ensure no information gets lost. Here’s how you can use OneDesk to facilitate your product release … Continue Reading

product management magazine

Agile and Scrum explored in Product Management Journal

Agile and Scrum denoted: A review of Agile and its impact on product managers Product Management Journal, published by Product Focus, is the only publication geared the to the Telecoms and IT product management community. Its goal is to is … Continue Reading

Defect tracking: Creating issues in OneDesk

Anyone who has been involved in defect tracking knows that it can be a challenging process. Clear communication, collaboration, and top-notch organization are required in order to resolve defects in a timely manner. During the lifecycle of a defect, teams … Continue Reading


Social marketing and its impact on Black Friday

Using social marketing to increase Black Friday (or any holiday) sales As the Black Friday shopping mania kicks off the holiday shopping season, retailers are doing their best to target their most loyal customers, including social customers. In today’s tough … Continue Reading

BlogTalkRadio features new product management show

BlogTalkRadio, the largest and fastest growing online talk radio network, has added a new, live product management-related talk show to its growing list of informative broadcasts. OneDesk was honored to be featured in the premiere episode of Global Product Management’s … Continue Reading

Leads generation the social way

Leads generation is changing It’s the age of “Web 2.0” and traditional leads generation techniques are just not working anymore. Telemarketing, direct mail, trade shows, print advertising and television commercials are losing the fight against social media, virtual events like … Continue Reading

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Product roadmap planning with OneDesk

A few weeks ago, we wrote about what’s New in OneDesk: Release Management and Product Roadmapping. We thought we would help you get started on planning your product roadmaps. Creating a roadmap in OneDesk is easy. Just follow the instructions … Continue Reading


Online conversations happening right now

Are you listening? Listening to online conversations can help your company learn about what is being said about your brands, company, products, services, industry, and competitors. OneDesk’s social media monitoring tool was developed to help you listen to online conversations … Continue Reading