Collaborative learning with web 2.0

The definition of collaborative learning is a no brainer – it is a system in which two or more people work together to learn something. However, understanding the concept of collaborative learning, and knowing how to make it work is … Continue Reading

Social networks: Dynamic solutions

Social networks: Connecting internal employees “If you put 10 people in a meeting room and ask them to collaborate, they won’t come up with anything more creative than finding a way to kill one another in the parking lot.” In … Continue Reading

Social technology: Reinventing engagement

Social technology: Impacting everything In today’s business age, social technology is changing the way businesses operate. The use of social technology changes the way companies collaborate internally, as well as externally. The impact that social technology has on brands and … Continue Reading

The development process and some scary facts

Happy Halloween! In light of the spookiest day of the year, we thought we would talk about some of the scary things companies are doing when approaching their product or service development process. Warning: The following development process facts may … Continue Reading

social media treasure map

Social media plan: Building a winning one

According to many experts, businesses who use social media to market their brands without a proper social media plan can be doing more damage than good. Because we are strong advocates of using social media to strengthen businesses, we thought … Continue Reading

Co-working and how it stimulates innovation

What is co-working? Co-working is a style of work which which involves a shared working environment among workers who are not employed by the same department or organization. This concept allows a global community of people to employ the values … Continue Reading

Disruptive technologies: Shaping businesses

In 2008, Gartner released a list of what they thought would be the top 10 disruptive technologies that will have an impact in the business world over the next five years. This has been a successful year in terms of … Continue Reading

Collaborative management tips from OneDesk

What is collaborative management? Collaborative management is a management technique that promotes a sense of teamwork and unity between managers and other team members. The idea behind collaborative management style is to allow managers to combine their strengths with the … Continue Reading

Collaboration suite: Connects every role

What is a collaboration suite? While there is no specific set of capabilities that a collaboration suite should have, all collaboration suites must have the following characteristic: A collaboration suite is software that provides businesses with a set of applications, … Continue Reading

Technological innovations: Top 5 ones for businesses

When it comes to company growth, innovation plays the key role in shaping the organization’s future. In today’s extremely competitive business environment, organizations must focus on developing innovative products or services. OneDesk recognizes this and has developed an innovation and … Continue Reading