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OneDesk sponsors ProductCamp SoCal 2011

OneDesk, an industry leader in social product development, is proud to be a sponsor of #pcSC (ProductCamp SoCal 2011). What is ProductCamp SoCal 2011? ProductCamp SoCal is a free “unconference” for product managers and marketers and is held in sunny … Continue Reading

Steve Jobs quotes: Some OneDesk favorites

At OneDesk, we believe that anyone can become a successful innovator if they have the perseverance to do so. Thus, we have turned to Steve Job’s examples on numerous occasions, and used them to preach about fostering innovation throughout organizations. … Continue Reading

New in OneDesk: Release Management and Product Roadmapping

First, we introduced an easy way to organize, manage, and collaborate on projects – through OneDesk’s projects. As OneDesk’s mission is to make your job easier, we have taken projects to the next level: Release management and product roadmapping. Release … Continue Reading

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Social media stats from different angles

If your company is still holding back its presence on social media sites, you are not alone. There is still a large percentage of organizations that are hesitant to go social. We at OneDesk understand the hesitation. On the other … Continue Reading

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New product development process cheat sheet

Every new product development process should be easy OneDesk allows companies to capture ideas, objectively analyze them, and turn the ideas into actionable items. What makes the software unique, is that all the applications, including social media and collaboration tools, … Continue Reading

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Product design and development at Facebook

The recent Facebook changes have taken over the world by storm. Facebook users are used to the sudden “suprise” changes that the social media giant often pulls on them. However, the most recent changes in the product design and development … Continue Reading

Customer Service Management tips from OneDesk

At OneDesk, we recognize that customer service management is not always easy. Our software was developed on the premise that the customer support team should always ensure that the company is providing stellar customer service in order to deliver a … Continue Reading

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Innovation and ideas failures and causes

We often hear people say “there is no innovation without failure.” While occasional failures can be seen as beneficial and as an experimental learning process, there is no doubt that constant failure will lead to a downfall. Why innovations and … Continue Reading

Business social media is evolving

As a believer and promoter of business social media, we at OneDesk are very active on social networks. We keep our users, blog readers and peers in the industry updated on what we are doing, and share tips and ideas … Continue Reading

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Product engineering and co-creation

News for product managers: The project engineering team is your friend Product managers often refer to their colleagues on the engineering team as if they are talking about a totally different world. However, in order to develop stellar products and … Continue Reading