Social media strategy and why you need one

Social media strategy? Yes, exactly. You may not realize it, but social media is a very broad term. It includes social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, multimedia sharing sites like You Tube and Flickr, social bookmarking sites such as … Continue Reading

Web collaboration: Making virtual teams work

Making a smooth transition to web collaboration With the increasing development of new web 2.0 technologies, “virtual teams” are becoming more popular. Those making the transition to web collaboration may find themselves facing many challenges. Communication needs to be accurate. … Continue Reading

Project planning with OneDesk

At OneDesk, we know that successful project management starts with organized project planning. Hence, our easy-to-use project planning tool provides project managers with all the features they need to make the process planning process a smooth one. Steps to efficient … Continue Reading

Idea generation – Our top five tips

Let’s face it – the idea generation process is not always a smooth one. How many times have you and your team found yourselves jumping from idea to idea because they all seem good and you just can’t make a … Continue Reading

Automation process: Setting up the right type

In today’s fast-paced business environment, we need tools that help us work faster. By creating an automation process using OneDesk’s automation engine, you will reduce manual data entry and process errors by allowing users to preset tasks and automate workflows. … Continue Reading

Product investment management with OneDesk

Deciding which products to produce is not an easy task, especially if you and your product team collect hundreds of ideas. Making the right product innovation decisions is the key to driving your business’ value. Thus, a good product investment … Continue Reading

Disruptive technology failure: HP TouchPad

Downfall of HP TouchPad shocks the social world When HP launched the TouchPad just over one month ago, headlines dubbed it as the iPad 2’s “new competitor.” Many were sure that HP had possibly came up with the latest disruptive … Continue Reading

Cooperative intelligence: Taking action

Cooperative intelligence, NOT competitive intelligence It is important to realize that monitoring the competitive intelligence – discovering the strengths and vulnerabilities of competitors – is not the key to driving your business to success. By focusing on competitive intelligence, you … Continue Reading

Design innovation principles

Once a product is approved to be developed, designers and engineers are faced with the challenge of implementing a smooth design innovation process. This means that they must ensure the product is effectively designed for shipping, installation, setup, use, storage, … Continue Reading

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Organizational goals and setting them

Why setting organizational goals is important You and your team have probably had many discussions about needing to set organizational goals. But does everyone understand why this is important? Before setting organizational goals, we believe that the entire team needs … Continue Reading