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Social Customer Service/Community Management

Defining the line between Social Customer Service and Community Management There is a line between social customer service and community management. However, that line is often blurred and highly debatable. While social customer service and community engagement go hand-in-hand, some … Continue Reading

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Innovation Management with Social Media

As companies are increasingly looking outside of the organization to obtain new ideas, social media platforms are becoming a popular channel for innovation management. By monitoring their company, brand, products or services on social media channels, companies are at the … Continue Reading

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Task Management with OneDesk

At OneDesk, we know how difficult task management can be, especially if they are distributed across various departments or organizations. Therefore, we have developed several task management capabilities that will make your job easier. A quick overview of OneDesk’s task … Continue Reading

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Case management tip: Filter support cases

We at OneDesk recognize that customer satisfaction plays an important role in a business’ growth. Therefore, we are proud to introduce our new customer service, help desk, and case management applications. Support cases can be difficult to manage, especially if … Continue Reading

Innovation Process: Turn ideas into reality

Many argue that the innovation process cannot be managed because innovation is supposed to be about creativity and cannot be predicted. Innovation is not only about being creative and inventive; innovation is a collaborative process where ideas are taken and … Continue Reading


Automated system improves customer service

OneDesk’s new automated system has many assets. It allows employees to pre-set their daily routines and reduces manual data entry. This allows them to work faster and save time. Automated systems are also beneficial when it comes to reducing the … Continue Reading

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Product management and social customers

Product management: Evolving and going social The web and it’s infusion of social media is changing the way product managers work. “Social product management“ is a rapidly-evolving technique that product managers are increasingly adopting. Social product management means opening up … Continue Reading

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Help Desk applications in OneDesk

Have you ever felt like you were struggling to keep your customer issues organized? If your business receives customer issues through different channels, you may find it hard at times at to keep track of which customer questions you have … Continue Reading

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Social Media in Business

Companies are slowly getting used to the idea that social media in business is important. A recent poll by Robert Half Technology shows that the use of social media in business has increased by 22 per cent since 2009. More … Continue Reading

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Innovation and Idea Management with OneDesk

Innovation enables businesses to stand out in the marketplace and become more successful. All it takes to jump-start the innovation process is one great idea. However, finding that revolutionary idea is not always easy. A company may need to go … Continue Reading