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New feature on OneDesk: Social Media Monitoring

A couple of weeks ago, while gearing up for the release of OneDesk, our team embarked on a full Q.A session and thoroughly tested the software to ensure that everything worked flawlessly. We hooked up a test Twitter account to … Continue Reading

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User Experience vs. Customer Experience

We at OneDesk have always preached that companies should strive to provide the best customer experience. However, customer experience often gets confused with user experience. The two terms are closely related and often used interchangeably; organizations are constantly trying to … Continue Reading


Innovation quotes to inspire your team

Summer has officially started! We thought we would lighten up the mood and share some of our favorite innovation quotes. It’s important to promote an innovation culture within your business, therefore, feel free to inspire your teammates with the following … Continue Reading

Customer expectations and social 2.0

Customer expectations and the Social Business According to Esteben Kolsky, former Gartner analyst and founder of ThinkJar, it is not enough for social businesses to simply meet customer expectations. Social business, which refers to business with aspirations to leverage social … Continue Reading

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Group innovation: The right way

Group innovation – Not always smooth “Innovation is a team sport. There’s a dynamic that happens between people that produces results I just don’t see with an individual.” — Drew Boyd, Innovation leader and educator, blogger of Innovation in Practice … Continue Reading


Collaboration strategy: Online or not?

Choosing a collaboration strategy According to Jeff Stamps, co-founder and chief scientist of NetAge, “Virtual teams can work faster and particularly more innovatively.” Many companies are turning to online collaboration in hopes of creating a stronger innovation culture within their … Continue Reading

Innovation Platforms: Enhance development

  What are innovation platforms Innovation platforms are “spaces” that enable individuals and organizations to come together to address issues of mutual concern and interest. As companies realize that collaborative product development and R&D strategies open doors to innovation, which … Continue Reading

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Innovation Culture: A motivating mindset

Why create an innovation culture? Innovation is one of the hottest topics in today’s business world. All companies want to be “innovative.” But what does this really mean? According to Stephen Shapiro, “innovation is ‘an organization’s ability to adapt and … Continue Reading

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New Product Development: Changing

Launching a new product can open doors for your company and bring promising opportunities. Without the introduction of new products, most companies see a decline in the business’ growth and profit. Developing new products, however, is always risky. So what … Continue Reading

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Company goals: Achieving them

Why it’s important to set company goals To be able to grow and reach full potential, a company must set company goals, and meet them. Company goals also inspire employees to drive a business’ success rate. Therefore, when setting company … Continue Reading