New Product Development: Changing

Launching a new product can open doors for your company and bring promising opportunities. Without the introduction of new products, most companies see a decline in the business’ growth and profit. Developing new products, however, is always risky. So what … Read More

Company goals: Achieving them

Why it’s important to set company goals To be able to grow and reach full potential, a company must set company goals, and meet them. Company goals also inspire employees to drive a business’ success rate. Therefore, when setting company … Read More

Client relationship management modernized

Client relationship management in a high-tech age If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends. — Jeff Bezos If … Read More

Business requirements: Managing them

Challenges in managing business requirements Managing business requirements is important for every company. It is a critical stage within product and service development as it serves to satisfy and retain customers. Managing business requirements can be challenging; misunderstandings can cause … Read More

Design and innovation: What customers love

For products to stand out from the increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace, good design is critical. Design and innovation go hand-in-hand in the product development world; today’s corporate leaders recognize this and have learned to create innovative products that customers … Read More

Sales process: Innovating it

The relationship between customers and sales people is an important one. If customers do not trust the sales people in your company, it may be time to innovate the sales process. As explains, “the role of your sales force … Read More

Community advice: Leads to innovation

Get strong community advice from your customers At OneDesk, we believe that listening to your customers and showing them that you care about their needs are the keys to providing a stellar customer experience and driving your business to success. … Read More

Business collaboration: Innovate

Business collaboration plays an important role in driving innovation, especially as today’s corporate environment becomes more and more competitive. Today’s leading companies all recognize that innovation is the key to success. In IBM’s recent CEO study, more than three quarters … Read More

Feedback survey tools in OneDesk

The best thing your company can give customers is an excellent customer experience. To do this, you must know what would satisfy them. The most convenient way to find out what customers want to ask them. Feedback surveys, therefore, are … Read More

Innovation and creativity work together

Question: What is the difference between innovation and creativity? Innovation plays a huge role when it comes to building a stronger and more profitable business. However, many people confuse innovation with creativity. Before we go on, try to answer the … Read More