Insight management made easy

OneDesk makes the insight management process easy, especially when it comes to the most important step – gathering feedback from your customers. Our customer portal allows you to gain valuable feedback about your products or services much quicker than with … Continue Reading

Online collaboration: Communication 2.0

Online collaboration is becoming essential for businesses to adhere to. It organizes and structures the planning and development processes, helps you get input from all stakeholders quicker, and helps get work done more efficiently. If we dig deeper, we can … Continue Reading

Collaboration and Communication: Different

Lesson from Celebrity Apprentice: Collaboration and communication are important No one wants to hear the words, “You’re fired!” especially this season’s cast of Celebrity Apprentice. Over the past couple of weeks, the show has shown some interesting interactions between cast … Continue Reading

Feedback website: The 2.0 type

Advantages of feedback website “For every customer complaint, there are 26 other customers who have remained silent.” –Lee Resources Inc. For a business to be successful, soliciting feedback is critical. By doing so, your company can: Learn about what customers … Continue Reading

Collective intelligence: Innovation 2.0

“The real heart of Web 2.0 is collective intelligence, which I have defined as harnessing the network effect to build applications that get better the more people use them.” — Tim O’Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media Collective intelligence is best … Continue Reading

Collaboration tools: Help get things done

Contrary to popular belief, collaboration tools are nothing new. A collaboration tool can be anything that helps people collaborate. Before computers existed, paper was used as a collaboration tool. Today, almost everyone uses some form of technology to collaborate. Most … Continue Reading

Ideas software: Innovate your website

Stand out with the help of ideas software Today’s leading companies all have one thing in common – they all realize that in order to bring the best products to market, they must find a way to stand out from … Continue Reading

Mass customization: Creating value

Gaining the mass customization experience by designing M&Ms I recently found out that you can design your own M&Ms. Curious to find out what that meant, I decided to go to M&M’s website and try it. What captivated me about … Continue Reading

360 degree feedback: Understand all sides

What is 360 degree feedback? 360 degree feedback, also known as multisource or multi-rater feedback, is a feedback management system in which feedback comes from all around an employee about their performance. This feedback is provided by their supervisor, co-workers, … Continue Reading

Disruptive innovation: Avoiding it

Disruptive innovation – When innovation is threatening Even though this term was was coined in 1997 by Harvard business school professor, Clayton Christensen, many people are just starting to learn about it. According to many sources, disruptive innovation is one … Continue Reading