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Feedback management: One step further

We are often asked about what makes OneDesk stand out. First and foremost, we want to let everyone know that our mission is to make jobs easier, and do so, we are always keeping up with the latest trends in … Continue Reading

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Product management and marketing: Different

Product management and marketing explained When it comes to defining the roles of product management and marketing, many are often confused as to how to do so. This is because these roles vary from company to company. Generally, the role … Continue Reading


Product Management System: Connects people

While the product manager’s role varies from industry to industry, one thing remains the same; product managers are very busy people. Product managers are responsible for, well, developing products. This involves defining the product strategy and roadmap, performing market research, … Continue Reading


Online survey tools: Flexible

The benefits of using online survey tools It’s no surprise that companies are increasingly turning to online survey tools in hope of gathering customer feedback. In doing so, they can learn about what their customers think and need, and use … Continue Reading

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Customer Lifetime Value: Useful Formula

In my last blog post discussing the customer lifecycle value (CLV), I mentioned that the CLV is used to calculate the customer lifetime value, and promised I would elaborate on it. Understanding the customer lifetime value The customer lifetime value … Continue Reading


Customer Lifecycle Value: Increasing customer retention

Every company should understand the concept known as the customer lifecycle value. As the team continuously preaches about how important it is for businesses to satisfy customers in order to retain them, you will hopefully learn something new today – … Continue Reading

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Give ideas and drive innovation

Customers: It’s useful to give ideas to companies First off, our team would like to thank you all for trying our software, and more importantly, for all the feedback you have given us. Your comments, whether positive or negative, always … Continue Reading


Your User’s Voices: Customer-driven innovation

Listening to your user’s voices At OneDesk, our goal is to provide you with an easy-to-use solution suite that will make all parts of your job easier. The OneDesk team takes pride in researching, collaborating and working to create applications … Continue Reading

Improve Customer Service in Three Steps

Strengthen your business – improve customer service At OneDesk, our goal is to make your job easier and help you strengthen your business. We believe any business can become highly successful, providing that they use the right tactics. So, what … Continue Reading

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Feedback software: Improves customer experience

Feedback software – what is it? Feedback software is used by companies to collect ideas, suggestions, and even issues from customers, though the web. In this technological age, companies are increasingly using feedback software in hopes of maximizing customer feedback, … Continue Reading