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Gathering user comments through conversation

It’s no secret that the best feedback and comments about a product will come from the ones who use it. Gathering user comments provides companies with ways to measure customer satisfaction and gain insight into what their customers really want. … Continue Reading


Overcoming the Obstacles of the Feedback Letter

You surely know by now that customer satisfaction is they key to a successful business. Companies have long wrote feedback letters to customers, asking them to send in a feedback letter with their thoughts and ideas. However, feedback letters often … Continue Reading


Maximizing Customer Experience

What does customer experience mean? According to Richard Owen, Vice-President, of Dell Online worldwide, customer experience is “The sum total of the interactions that a customer has with a company’s products, people, and processes. It goes from the moment when … Continue Reading

The Modern Customer Survey

Having satisfied customers is the key to a successful business. But how do you know that your customers are pleased with what your organization is delivering? One of the traditional ways to find out is through a customer survey. A … Continue Reading

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Customer Engagement: A way to outperform your competitors

Looking for a way to outshine your competitors? Start building customer engagement; this will help your business become more successful. According to research done by the Gallup Organization, organizations that have optimized customer engagement have outperformed their competitors by 26% … Continue Reading

Take advantage of the Collaboration Inbox and stay on top of things

With OneDesk, staying organized and on top of things has never been easier. The Collaboration Inbox (the status bar that sits at the left of the interface), is designed to facilitate organization and collaboration between team members in real-time.  Through … Continue Reading

A simple way to become a stronger business

We’ve got a secret for you.  Well, it’s not really a secret since we’re broadcasting this.  But we would like to let you know about an easy way to strengthen your business. . You can do this by simply listening … Continue Reading

Sharing projects: assigning roles and controlling your data

Note: The screenshots in this post have been removed as they are out-of-date. For more updated content on this topic, view this blog post. One of the biggest advantages of using is that it allows you to collaborate with your … Continue Reading

Add a customer portal to your website.

Last updated: December 15, 2019 It’s a fact – in order for your organization to provide the best product development or service delivery, you need to get precise feedback on what is working and what is not. . Your customers … Continue Reading

The team wants your feedback!

We would like to thank you all for trying out our software, and for all of your very useful feedback. . Since launching in Beta last week, we are pleased that several organizations are already finding to be an asset … Continue Reading