definition of SaaS

The Definition of SaaS and Its Advantages

What is SaaS? One of the first things that we say when we talk to our customers about OneDesk is that it is offered on a SaaS basis. Being a relatively new concept, many are not clear with the definition … Continue Reading

project word cloud

Top 5 Project Initiation Tips

Don’t ignore the Project Initiation step The way you spend the first few days preparing for a project will determine whether the outcome is successful or not. In order to ensure that a project turns out successfully, it is necessary … Continue Reading

program management and project management

Project Management vs. Program Management

Updated 30/12/19 What is the difference between project management and program management? Many organizations still struggle to answer this question. While the roles of the project manager and program manager vary from company to company, there are some unique aspects … Continue Reading

new technology adoption

5 New Technology Adoption Tips

With the corporate world getting more and more competitive, many project and product management teams are finding it harder to keep up with rapid changes in all areas. Customer needs, market demands, and industry processes all need careful monitoring in … Continue Reading

collaboration word art

Building Collaborative Relationships in the Workplace

When you hear the words “collaborative relationships,” what does it make you think about? To many of you, the term may seem redundant. After all, aren’t all relationships collaborative? OneDesk was built to strengthen collaborative relationships. Prior to designing the … Continue Reading

customer requests

Customer requests and starting conversations around them

OneDesk allows you start conversations with internal team members as well as customers. Hence, there are different discussion options, and each one allow you start conversations with different groups. Internal discussions Internal discussions, also referred to as discussions in certain … Continue Reading

scrum word cloud

Scrum Methodology vs. Agile Methodology

Due to increasingly rapid rates of change in the corporate world, whether they occur within customer demands, project requirements, support issues or tasks, many companies are finding that their traditional business processes do not allow them to move fast enough … Continue Reading


Cool Product Management Blogs You Should Know About

Every now and then, it’s good to read up about what others have learned about product management, especially since it’s a field that is constantly evolving. Hence, we have put together a list of some cool product management blogs that … Continue Reading


Agile Roadmap Planning Tips

Every product manager knows that roadmapping is an essential aspect of the planning process. Without a product roadmap, it can be difficult to express your vision you have of your product to your team. Roadmap planning allows you and your … Continue Reading

setting lifecycle status

Customization Options in OneDesk

With the various customization option available within OneDesk, you can configure the software to fit your needs and organization’s terminology and branding. Here is a list of all the software customization options in OneDesk: Customizing labels Labels and terms in … Continue Reading