Project Management Quotes that Will Entertain You

Ask any project manager about their job, and they will most likely ramble on about how busy they are and the many responsibilities they need to stay abreast of. Project management is about mastering the art of getting things done. … Continue Reading

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Stakeholder Collaboration: Working With All Types of Users

How to collaborate with internal users, external partners and customers in OneDesk OneDesk allows you to collaborate with all stakeholders, whether they are internal colleagues, external business partners, contractors, and customers from anywhere in the world. To help you understand … Continue Reading

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Agile Adoption Statistics 2012

According to the 2012 CHAOS report, Agile succeeds three times more often than waterfall. Because the use of Agile methodologies helps companies work more efficiently and deliver winning results, Agile adoption is constantly increasing. There have been some significant increases … Continue Reading


Using Social Networks to Save the Day

Social networks can sometimes come in really handy. When people think about social networking, they tend to think about it’s use from two different points of views – from a “social” perspective, whereas the use of social networks is simply … Continue Reading

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Why Web 2.0 and Business Tools Are Better Than Email

If you learned that you no longer need to deal with email at work, how would you react? Ever since the CEO of French IT company Atos shocked the world by announcing that he wants to ban email within his … Continue Reading


Agile Technologies and Their Characteristics

Characteristics of Agile technologies While not all Agile solutions are the same, there are certain main characteristics that set them apart from traditional project management software. Promote collaboration The Agile mindset is all about communicating and collaborating between departments. Agile … Continue Reading


How Social Media Integration Elevates Project and Product Management

During last Friday’s #PMChat, one of the questions asked by the hosts was “How can social media integration elevate project management & product development?” Having developed our own social media monitoring tool for the purpose of elevating project/product management, we … Continue Reading

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Building Empowerment Through Collaboration

I was honored that OneDesk was asked to have been part of “Tools Month” on #PMChat, a weekly Twitter chat that brings leaders in the project management sphere together. Last Friday’s chat was centered around collaboration tools, and we were … Continue Reading

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Requirements Management Challenges Solved

“Analysts report that as many as 71% of software projects that fail do so because of poor requirements management, making it the single biggest reason for project failure – bigger than bad technology, missed deadlines or change management fiascoes.” – … Continue Reading

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What is Requirements Management? – A Video Infographic

What is Requirements Management? 80% of project failures are due to poor requirements management. That’s scary, right? Different companies have different ways of defining this process. Good requirements management is essential for those who want to see better business results … Continue Reading