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How to use Gantt Chart Color Coding and Rules in OneDesk

How to use Gantt Chart Color Coding and Rules in OneDesk OneDesk includes color coded Gantt charts as part of its feature-rich blend of applications for total project management control. This short video gives a breif overview of the interface … Continue Reading


How to Use OneDesk’s Helpdesk Application

How to Use OneDesk’s Helpdesk Application The Helpdesk is a key application in the large and multifacetted set of features which make OneDesk one of the most comprehensive project management solutions around. As part of our new series of use … Continue Reading

Innovations systems: the measure of getting metrics from the unmeasurable

Innovations systems: the measure of getting metrics from the unmeasurable When things get hard to measure against conventional metrics, boardrooms can lose patience, and projects making valuable inroads can meet with their maker still far short of their goals. Innovation, … Continue Reading

Product Roadmapping: See what tomorrow looks like today

Product roadmapping gives your team precious certainty in an otherwise uncertain world. Living in our fast-paced, hyper-connected, always-on and ever-changing world, it can be a challenge to find a firm position to prop your back against and take in precisely … Continue Reading

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Web-based co-creation: creating new efficiencies

Advances in technology and changes in social trends, have kick started a new wave of blisteringly efficient responses from organizations to the ever changing needs of the market.And web-based co-creation is at its center. The following video from the folks … Continue Reading

Gauging customers satisfaction

Opinions: eternally held, but until recently, not globally shared. Users can take either of two angles on this trend towards public sharing of all opinions. On the one hand, those looking to become broadcast channels may bemoan with much gnashing … Continue Reading

Social Media Trends – So long to sharing?

When everything we’re pushed to do revolves around sharing, consumers are becoming more aware that companies have a vested interest in encouraging them to do so. Is the general notion of sharing threatened with becoming obsolete? Social media trends – … Continue Reading

Risk over Breakfast

This morning the marketing team at OneDesk attended the Montreal Social Media Breakfast for a smattering of startup based chatter over coffee and sandwiches. Presented as a conversation with Julien Smith, the fascinating discussion bounced between utilising new platforms and … Continue Reading


A/B Testing – Rip it Up and Start Again

It’s a common fallacy that as people invested in finding a solution, we can quickly get blinkered by the small details until we can no longer see the words from the trees. Acquiring a store of knowledge is only as … Continue Reading

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Customer Feedback: Turning it Into Product Gold Webinar

The world’s best products are driven by what the market demands. But how to harness customer insights and quickly translate them into well-defined and deliverable requirements? OneDesk’s Unified Product Platform makes it easy. New webinar: turning customer feedback into product … Continue Reading