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Shattering Perceptions – a Customer Feedback Master Class from Google

Google’s recent announcement of a portable HUD prototype is a master class in the importance of customer feedback. What looks like a simple call for public opinion has in fact gained the giant two very valuable assets: a wealth of … Continue Reading

Ideation Methods: Seamless Integration of Ideas in Product Process

From ideation methods to execution strategies OneDesk is a platform for product development, foregrounding the importance of customer feedback within ideation process and removing barriers to let information move seamlessly through the whole product development process. In short: The seamless … Continue Reading

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Custom Software – Building a Comfy Nest

Valentine’s day traditionally heralds the beginning of avian flirtations, and with three weeks now between us and Cupid’s holiday, our birds of a feather will be past the stage of serious serenading and well on their way to constructing comfortable … Continue Reading


Web conversations: Are we still with us?

Web conversations are changing. Ten years ago online identity was anonymous by default. In our current social era that is no longer true. The shift from anonymous avatars to personal profiles has radically altered the way individuals engage in web … Continue Reading