Setting up an auto-forward using Microsoft Outlook is easy. Here we provide the instructions for the web version of Outlook Web App / Office 365, as well as the desktop version.

STEP 1: Retrieve your OneDesk ticket capture email address

In your OneDesk account navigate to :
Administration > Tickets > Types of Tickets

Note that every ticket and task type you enable will have it’s own capture address. This means that you can auto-forward from many different sources to create different types of items in OneDesk, and route each type differently.

STEP 2: Access to your company’s support email address box

You probably currently have an email address that your customers can email when they have issues, requests, or questions. You need to auto-forward (redirect) any emails received at this email box to your OneDesk tickets email address. To do this you will need to make a change in your email settings for this account.

STEP 3: Set up the Auto-forwarding in your email account

Use one of the guides below to set up your auto-forwarding in your Outlook account. We have other articles for gmail or Gsuite email addresses.

Auto-forwarding your support email using / Office 365 / Outlook Web App

– Click ‘View all outlook settings’

– Select ‘Mail’ and ‘Forwarding’

– Check ‘Enable Forwarding’ and enter your OneDesk email address in the “Forward my email to” field: tickets@[yourURI]

You’re done. That was easy.

Auto-forwarding your support email using Outlook Desktop Version / Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 MSO

Get ready for 9 steps…

– Click the ‘File’ menu in the upper left corner.

– Click on ‘Manage Rules & Alerts’

– Click on the ‘New Rule…’ button
– In the popup select ‘Apply rule on messages I receive
– Click the ‘Next’ button

– A confirmation popup will appear, click ‘Yes’
– Click the ‘Next’ button

– In the ‘Step 1’ section, check the box ‘redirect it to people or public group’
– Under ‘Step 2’, click the link ‘people or public group’

– The ‘Rule Address’ window will appear
– Add your OneDesk ticket capture email address here. This is the address you retrieved in Step 1 above and it is formatted like: tickets@[yourURI]
– Click ‘OK’

– Back in the “Rules Wizard’ window click ‘Next’

– Give a name to your redirect rule such as “Redirect to OneDesk”
– Make sure the box ‘Turn on this rule’ is checked
– Click the ‘Finish’ button.

– Back in the ‘Rules and Alerts’ popup click the ‘Apply’ button

You’re done 馃槈
Now any new email received in the email box, will be automatically redirected to OneDesk and create a ticket in your account.

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