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Automate those repetitive time consuming tasks with OneDesk’s workflow tools. This set of applications enable organizations to automate their product workflows and streamline their business processes.

Automate your customer service systems

By setting up an automatic trigger or scheduled item you can keep customers notified of the status of their submitted ideas, issues, questions, etc. You can also optionally chose to automatically send your customers an email to notify them of the receipt of their requests by your organization. In the true spirit of customer service, customer will recognize and appreciate knowing that someone is actually managing their feedback on “the other end.”

Automate your product roadmap

The product roadmap lies at the heart of company strategy and direction, and yet all too often it is represented by static documents with no bearing on the reality of where your product is today and where its going. OneDesk’s automated product roadmaps are built from inputs across the platform, from ideas and issues to requirements and tasks and all the people, costs and decision-driving data in between.

Watch the following video to learn more about the expanding power and reach of OneDesk’s automation and workflow tools:

Automate your workflows within OneDesk

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  1. Elisabeth

    Positive changes caused by the introduction of electronic document management from airSlate become noticeable in the first days of document management automation. As a result of increased control, employees ‘ performance increases. Using the functionality that allows you to coordinate electronic versions of documents reduces the total time spent working with each of them, reduces production costs (costs for paper, printer cartridges). Due to the regulation of processes, the activities of the entire organization become more transparent for management.

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