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Automation Service in Flight and in Office

In his latest article on the evolution of aerospace, “When Will We Have Unmanned Commercial Airliners?”, Philip E. Ross touches on an ever-growing shift in the Aerospace industry defined by new developments in automation service: “In the sphere of commercial flight… automation has thinned the cockpit crew from five to just the pilot and copilot, whose jobs it has greatly simplified. Do we even need those two? Many aviation experts think not”While an automation service cannot fully pilot and land a commercial airliner just yet, it still greatly reduces the work and brainpower needed to execute commands that are integral in getting us from place to place in an efficient way. Of course, this isn’t only happening in the air.

Automation service has become part and parcel of how we live our everyday lives conveniently. Sign up to any web service online and you’re likely to get an automatically delivered email asking you to confirm by clicking on a hyperlink. Ironically enough, this is to prove that you are human and not a machine-run automation!

An Automation Service to Keep everyone Afloat

If you deal with a high amount of customers or even a high amount of employees, an automation service will help you to send reminders and to ensure that the right people are assigned their tasks at the proper time. This is simple enough to deal with when starting up a business; there are only so many people in each category and manually sending emails and notifications is no real hassle. But when you get your dream client, that ad hoc foundation just won’t cut it any more, and sticking with it could end your business in a nosedive.

An Automation Service to Suit Your Needs

OneDesk offers Workflows, a fully functional automation service designed to avoid just these kinds of catastrophes. You can ensure your customers are taken care of, your employees are all on the same page, and turbulence is kept to an all-time low.

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  1. Andrea Lucas

    This seems like a great idea for your business. Whether you’re in your office or on the road, it seemed this service may help you keep up-to-date on meetings and tasks. Good post.

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