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No need to purchase, integrate and switch between applications. Your team can support your customers and work on projects in one place. Aimed at SMBs as well as departments at large enterprises, OneDesk is frequently used by project managers, customer service, IT, professional services and more. Read MoreOneDesk ReviewOneDesk Review

With OneDesk’s cloud platform, there’s no need to purchase, integrate and switch between several different environments to get your work done. You and your team can enable a variety of efficient workflows for tickets and tasks that would not be possible with standalone solutions. Read MoreOneDesk ReviewOneDesk Reviews

The software offers multiple channels for the communication of inquiries including social media, email, discussion forums, and phone. Customers can any time provide additional information about their inquiries and requests. Customers can also collaborate and discuss their problems through the community forums which can be created according to specific needs. Read MoreOneDesk Ratings 

OneDesk Review

OneDesk is a project management and collaboration solution designed for teams. It provides both a traditional project management view and dashboard, as well as agile status boards. OneDesk allows you to better assign tasks through the use of Gantt charts, as you can connect dependent tasks to see who has taken on more work, as well as better calculate when projects and tasks will finish, and how much they will cost. Read MoreOneDesk Ratings 

OneDesk Review

OneDesk combines helpdesk with project management. The app was designed to make product development easier by facilitating collaboration between developers and clients. OneDesk is ideal for freelancers and businesses of all sizes. Some of the app’s features include assigning tasks, planning projects, tracking timesheets, regulating costs, and overseeing the budget. Read MoreOneDesk Review 

OneDesk Review

Something I found unique to OneDesk was the inclusion of project management software. Creating new projects was straight forward and I was able to plan, monitor and track tasks until project completion. Tasks can be linked and visually compared, dependencies created, and schedules generated with automatic CPM calculations. Read More 

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The Help Desk Software can help an organization manage all it’s IT solutions problems and issues through a single interface. From SLA Management to Asset management, from Requisitioning to Contracts managements and from Servicing to Damage control; everything has been taken care of by this Help Desk Software. Learn about what makes OneDesk a top-rated helpdesk application in 2020. Read More