OneDesk automatically creates new tickets in your account when received from your email. Simply follow these best practices to set up your email to automatically forward to your OneDesk.

  • Step 1. Go to Administration -> Tasks
  • Step 2. Make note of the ticket capture email address on your account. It will be similar but different to the one below.
    email capture

Note: You can have up to 10 different ticket types, and therefore 10 different ticket email addresses which you can forward to OneDesk. It is generally recommended to only enable multiple different types if you have different workflows depending on each kind of ticket.

  • Step 3. Next, you will want to set up an auto-forward rule from your regular support email account to automatically send new emails to the OneDesk email you noted earlier. Ensure this rule is an auto-forward not a manual forward, so customer’s information is captured. This process will automatically forward and create a ticket in your OneDesk account whenever your support email receives a message.

Note: For detailed how-tos on how to set up auto-forwarding rules in Gmail or Outlook please see the following links:

Auto-forwarding with Outlook
Auto-forwarding with Gmail

Tickets are populated with the information gathered from the email, including the email address of the requester, subject line, body and any attachments. For instance, the Ticket name will be generated from the email’s subject line and the ticket’s description from the email’s body.

Once an email is received, it will be created as a ticket in OneDesk.
If the original sender’s email address is new, a new customer record will also be automatically created in OneDesk. If necessary, a new customer organization will be created too.

You can set up automation workflows that will reply automatically to customers after a ticket is submitted, or automatically assign new tickets to team members. For more information on how to create automations please see:

Common Workflow Automation

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