The following are some useful best practices that you can use to improve the performance of OneDesk and keep your work organized.


To use OneDesk, you will need access to a good quality computer. OneDesk works inside a web browser, so whether you use Windows or Mac will not affect how OneDesk runs. Make sure that your computer always has a reliable internet connection.

Browser Recommendations

OneDesk works most efficiently with the Google Chrome web browser. We highly recommend that you use Google Chrome whenever accessing OneDesk to ensure optimal performance. Download Google Chrome here.

Using Projects

It’s best to place all items (tickets, tasks, etc.) you create into their own respective projects. By organizing items into projects, you enable the ability to filter by project. When filtering by project, you load less content, allowing you to work more quickly and efficiently. Organizing items into projects also allows you to share all items in a project or assign projects to a team or individual.

Archiving Old Projects

It’s important to keep your workspace clean, and old items can quickly clutter it up. This is where archiving comes in. We recommend that you put items that you no longer need into a project folder that you can archive. It’s good practice to archive projects at the end of a given time period, based on your workflow.

Item Transfer from Outside of Projects

Archiving items is important, but you can’t archive Outside of Projects. Out of the box, your incoming items get organized into Outside of Projects automatically. That’s why we recommend you create an automation that organizes incoming items into projects that you create and automate item transfer from your Outside of Projects into their respective projects.

Automate Closing Tickets

Unresponsive customers can lead to multiple tickets sitting in your tickets application and cluttering your workspace. We recommend creating an automation that closes unresponsive tickets after a given period of time and sends an automated message to your customer to notify them that their ticket has been closed. This keeps your workspace decluttered from unresponsive tickets that would otherwise remain open.

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