Public library uses OneDesk to unify their helpdesk and multiple internal operations

When bringing an entire organization onto a singular helpdesk software, it can be difficult meeting the needs of all the different departments while also creating a setup that works for everyone. Especially when departments operate mostly separately from each other, … Continue Reading

7 Best Practices To Reduce The Ticket Number And Waiting Time In Daily Help Desk Operations

A lot is on the linmer happiness is an effective company growth strategy that some of the biggest brands have deployed. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the biggest cruxes that have been many struggling organizations’ downfall. You think of a … Continue Reading

Tracing Workflow Automations

In OneDesk you can trace your workflow automations through the activities application. This lets you see just what your automations are doing on a day-to-day basis, and helps you troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Accessing the activities application To … Continue Reading

How to recover a project scheduled for deletion

Projects within OneDesk have a built-in buffer period between when you choose to delete them and when they are actually deleted. When you choose to delete a project, the item will be archived and scheduled for deletion. It will be … Continue Reading

Automatically update a successor item when predecessor is marked complete

OneDesk’s workflow automations are a powerful tool, allowing for deeply customizable ways to streamline your workflow. Another useful workflow automation is updating an item’s successors when the predecessor item’s lifecycle changes. Predecessor vs. successor items In OneDesk, items may be … Continue Reading

Automatically update parent state from subtask state

OneDesk’s workflow automations are a powerful tool, allowing for deeply customizable ways to streamline your workflow. One useful process is the ability to update the lifecycle status of your tickets or tasks when subtasks within them have their lifecycle status … Continue Reading

Widget Configuration

The widget provides a simple, one-off integration with your website. Once integrated, you can configure the widget from your OneDesk without any additional updates to your website. The widget gives customers access to several customer applications, displayed as tabs within … Continue Reading

How an External IT Firm uses OneDesk to Customize their Ticketing System and Project Management

On the surface it may seem like every organization’s support services are very similar and follow the same steps and processes. In reality, there are various different setups that companies employ according to their team’s capabilities, services offered, and pricing … Continue Reading

Filtering tickets created via auto-forward

Tickets can be auto-forwarded from your support email to a OneDesk ticket creation email. When this happens, a ticket is captured in OneDesk containing the subject of the email, the email’s body, and any attachments in the email. Additionally, if … Continue Reading

Re-authentication Settings: Force Users to Log-Out After Inactivity

In OneDesk, you can force users to reauthenticate after prolonged periods of inactivity. This setting is intended for security purposes, and, by default, is turned on. Users will be logged out after 3 consecutive hours of inaction. This setting can … Continue Reading