How engineering firms use OneDesk to track customer tickets and projects

As with any business that serves customers, engineering firms need to have the ability to track the work that they do at the request of their customers and for projects. As a project manager, you need to enable your engineers … Continue Reading

Customizing your email sending preferences in OneDesk

As I am sure most of you who are interested in this question have already discovered, you can customize the way OneDesk sends email on your behalf. To do this, simply go to the administration settings and click on the … Continue Reading


Achieving Customer Success with OneDesk

This article is part of an ongoing series where I discuss how a particular customer in a specific industry uses OneDesk. For any company to be successful, they need to have customers. While it’s important to always acquire new customers, … Continue Reading

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Using OneDesk for office IT departments

This article is part of an ongoing series where I discuss how a particular customer in a specific industry uses OneDesk. There comes a time in any medium or large-sized company’s lifetime in which they will need to build out … Continue Reading

Best practices for configuring OneDesk

Since I’ve helped set up hundreds of OneDesk accounts by now, I am frequently asked by customers and other members of our team, what are some ‘best practices’ that should be followed to ensure customer success. Since I am always … Continue Reading


Planning Ahead

The start of any new project brings a rush of emotions with it: excitement, hope, exhilaration. There’s always a chance that your project could revolutionize the world, or bring you fame and fortune. However, on the flip side, there’s a … Continue Reading

Agile Project Management Features in OneDesk

In the software world (and increasingly in other domains) agile project management is one of the more popular ways to manage projects. There are a lot of different versions of “agile” methodologies and the purpose of this post is not … Continue Reading

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What you need from your project management software

Project management software can’t make your product great, but it can help build a great project team – and that’s half the battle. A successful project manager knows that a successful project team needs to work as a cohesive whole, … Continue Reading

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‘Silicon Valley’ and how not to manage projects

A comedy of errors makes for a great TV show, but not so much for great project management. The critically acclaimed Silicon Valley tells the story of programmer Richard and the many baffling ways he mismanages a billion-dollar idea. It’s … Continue Reading

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Project management in the Gig Economy

When overseeing a business, innovation is the name of the game. We are currently living in a gig economy, where anyone can take on gigs to make money whenever their schedule allows. Gigs are increasingly becoming more and more common, … Continue Reading