project management

‘Silicon Valley’ and how not to manage projects

A comedy of errors makes for a great TV show, but not so much for great project management. The critically acclaimed Silicon Valley tells the story of programmer Richard and the many baffling ways he mismanages a billion-dollar idea. It’s … Continue Reading

gig economy

Project management in the Gig Economy

When overseeing a business, innovation is the name of the game. We are currently living in a gig economy, where anyone can take on gigs to make money whenever their schedule allows. Gigs are increasingly becoming more and more common, … Continue Reading

Troubleshooting alongside your client

In this day and age, not making full use of the technological wonders that we possess to help clients is a terrible mistake. With just a few clicks you can get access to a world of services dedicated to the … Continue Reading


Showcase your resolved client issues or positive client relations

Managing a helpdesk is not easy. We’re all willing to admit that much, but sometimes good things happen and you should showcase that. A good statistic, a positive story, a worthy cause, these are all good examples you should show … Continue Reading

automate your helpdesk

Should I Automate My Helpdesk?

The helpdesk world is now faced with so many great new functions like chatbots and live video conference. In a modern and technologically advancing world like this one, how much automation should a helpdesk have nowadays? Helpdesk automation is an … Continue Reading

project management

A Project Should Be a Playground, Not a Battlefield

With so many technologies available to us, it’s become easy to take fresh ideas and turn them into real, concrete projects. Oftentimes, these start as passion projects, which have a lot of personal investment from all the parties involved. These … Continue Reading

talent management

Let your project management help you with talent management

The concept of project management focuses around the organization of tasks, from the assignment of them down to the timeline of completion. Because projects are temporary endeavours, you need to use your time wisely when it comes to managing the … Continue Reading

organize your clients

Organize your clients into levels: the key to helpdesk management

Let’s be honest, not all clients are created equal. That might sound mean or elitist but it is actually kind of true. Even for a small business, large clients, or well established ones, can represent a huge bonus for you … Continue Reading

basic helpdesk

Get smart, don’t do basic helpdesk: go the extra mile.

Get smart, don’t do basic helpdesk: go the extra mile. Don’t send an email when they say they have trouble with their email service. Don’t send them a notification to let them know you won’t be sending them any more … Continue Reading

business language

Make your jargon (business language) into English

Ever skipped through a Terms of Service (ToS) agreement? Ever glossed over the amazing facts printed on some random box of electronics? Ever read the entire description of a business website and re-read five more times and still not understood … Continue Reading