What Should You Choose a Soft or a Hard Product Release

What Should You Choose: a Soft, or a Hard Product Release? Developers utilize the expressions “soft release” and “hard release” to portray two marketing techniques when conveying a product to the general population. One technique is unpretentious while the other … Continue Reading

new talent

Find New Talent; Get New People In to Help

When it comes to creating a great Product management team, there are many things you will want to think about. One of the best ways to do this is to find new talent for your product. In order to get … Continue Reading

Project Management Must Haves 05: Project Quality

Over the course of this series of articles, we’ve gone over a whole bunch of project management areas, and now you are confident in dealing with project integrations, scope, time, and cost. In this final chapter of our mini-series, we … Continue Reading

salvage your product

So Your Product Isn’t Working, Salvage It

So Your Product Isn’t Working, Salvage It The fact of the matter is that most developers need to be a success, it’s in the business model. The issue with this is that unless they have an idea worthy of the … Continue Reading


Introducing the completely new OneDesk

It’s been a while since OneDesk had an interface refresh, though those of you who have been with us for a while will remember past updates. So without further ado, I would like you to meet the new OneDesk! This … Continue Reading

project cost

Project Management Must Haves 04: Project Cost

In this fourth installment of our mini-series focused on crucial project management topics, we look at project cost and how to manage it. Aside from time, cost is one of the most important project aspects to have under control. Without … Continue Reading

product management team

Product Management is All About a Good Team

Excuse me for one minute while I glance around for my soapbox – oh, here it is. Presently I’m prepared to impart a stunning snippet of information with you. If you don’t mind ensure that you are taking a seat: … Continue Reading

project timing

Project Management Must Haves 03: Project timing

The third article in our mini-series revolves around the ever-crucial element of timing. In the world of project management, timing is everything. Time is one of the factors that makes projects what they are; projects are endeavours bounded by scope, … Continue Reading

Scale Your Operations

Use Zapier to Integrate OneDesk with over 1000 Different Apps

We have been using Zapier to connect OneDesk to lots of different web applications for over a year now. When we first introduced our Zapier plug-in, it was full-featured enough to sync with a lot of other 3rd party systems. … Continue Reading

idea management

Idea Management for Product Management

Idea management is the process of collecting & growing new ideas to solve existing problems & discover new opportunities. It is the cornerstone of product management. It’s the earliest stage of product development, where ideas are collected from around the … Continue Reading