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How to Manage On-Site Customer Support Teams

How to Manage On-Site Customer Support Teams When You Have to Be There Not every IT problem can be solved on the phone. Sometimes even desktop sharing isn’t enough. Sometimes the technician has to be on-site with the customer. When … Read More

OneDesk November 2016 Release 2016

The OneDesk November 2016 Release

The OneDesk November 2016 release Here’s a rundown of some of the key changes from the November 2016 release for the OneDesk suite of applications (web application, mobile application, customer portal). The requesters, followers and voters have been overhauled. They … Read More

difference between product management and prodcut marketing

The difference between Product Management and Product Marketing

The difference between Product Management and Product Marketing If you are a software professional or just starting out in the industry, you have most likely come across designations like Product manager, Product Marketing manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst etc. Given … Read More

The Critical Path Method (CPM) of Scheduling Tasks

The critical path method (CPM) of scheduling tasks One of the most vital and stressful parts of project management is figuring out your project’s schedule. It’s never easy estimating timelines and project durations, but there are methods out there that … Read More

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The Importance of a Good Customer Experience

The importance of a good customer experience: A lot of people will say business is in an idea. A great plan to fix something that was missing or incomplete. But really, a lot of the time it’s you and many … Read More

preset report options

OneDesk Feature Spotlight Series : Preset Report Options

Feature Spotlight: Preset Report Options OneDesk is an application with many features and options. A lot of those are meant to improve how you gather, view and export your data. Last time we had a look at the Export a … Read More

Export a Data View OneDesk

OneDesk Feature Spotlight Series : Export a Data View

Feature Spotlight : Export a Data View OneDesk is a very multipurpose application. It’s all-in-one suite is composed of several useful features, many of which will become your best friends and huge time savers. It’s all in how you use … Read More

Integrate a Helpdesk with Twitter

Integrate a Helpdesk with Twitter using OneDesk and Zapier

Have you ever wanted to integrate a Helpdesk with Twitter  We at OneDesk offer an all-in-one cloud based application that handles project management, product management and helpdesk or customer feedback.  This application offers a variety of possible integrations with various … Read More

B2B Social Media

B2B Social Media, 5 good reasons why you should get on that

B2B Social Media, 5 good reasons why you should get on that Social media is everywhere. It’s now surprising to see a company is not listed on any of the major platforms. And yet, many businesses that don’t directly deal … Read More

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OneDesk Feature Spotlight Series : The Task Timer

Feature Spotlight : The Task Timer The OneDesk application has a lot of features, a lot. A few can quickly become indispensable tools for some and for others, not so much. That’s because OneDesk is a very versatile platform by design, … Read More