Mobile Application App

Why you should look for platforms with a Mobile Application

Why you should look for platforms with a Mobile Application In this day and age, a business needs to run with the times. And the times are fast. This means that when out shopping for good platforms for your business, … Continue Reading

Helpdesk project management

When Helpdesk meets Project Management

When Helpdesk meets Project Management Project management and Helpdesk services, two key components of any business, rarely interact as many times as they should. It’s more often than not left to the manual labour of individuals within separate departments. This … Continue Reading

Product Presentation

5 Easy Hacks to a Good Product Presentation

5 Easy Hacks to a Good Product Presentation In 2016 a product manager’s job is increasingly demanding, as rapid technological advances mean new product roll-outs and updates are more frequent than ever before. This means a correspondingly large volume of … Continue Reading

Project timelines

Timelines – 3 ways how they can increase business productivity

3 ways project timelines can increase business productivity Team projects are a great concept. Pool your colleagues’ diverse talents and skill sets, increase productivity and learn from some valuable skills from your team mates. What could go wrong?  How about … Continue Reading

customer service

Customer Service – 3 simple rules to fulfill your obligations

Customer service – 3 simple rules to fulfil your obligations Product planning and implementation can be a haze of deadlines, bottom lines and targets. It’s often too easy to lose sight of the customer, but customer centricity should always be … Continue Reading

New Release – OneDesk July 2016

Get ready folks this is a big one! The July 2016 release of OneDesk has a lot of new features and changes that you’ve been clamoring for. In this release we’ve got an improved UI, Service Level Agreements management and … Continue Reading

New Release – OneDesk May 2016

We’ve received a lot of good feedback from you, our customers, about how to improve OneDesk and as a result a few new features and changes in this month’s release that we are hoping you will like! This month we … Continue Reading

New Release – OneDesk March 2016

Spring is upon us and with the change of the season comes our latest update to OneDesk! In this release our goal has been to improve Usability and as such we’ve highlighted a few changes that we would like you … Continue Reading

Creating Teams in OneDesk

Get Collaborative OneDesk allows you to create teams and collaborate with colleagues, offsite team members, partners and customers. In this OneDesk Quick Start Guide we’ll teach you how to build your OneDesk team. We’ll also introduce you to some important … Continue Reading

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Build a Quick and Simple Product Roadmap in 2016 with OneDesk

The new year is just around the corner, have you thought about your product roadmap for 2016? If the thought if it makes you feel like it’s the day AFTER New Year’s Eve, you might need new product management software … Continue Reading