How a Mortgage Company Utilizes OneDesk’s CRM Features

About the Mortgage Company Mortgage like other financial services involves meticulous bookkeeping and outreach. Mortgage CRM tools and Automated Mortgage Marketing and Management tools are disrupting the mortgage market. The accelerated rise in automation and digitization in the mortgage process … Continue Reading

Dropbox Integration with OneDesk

Dropbox Integration with OneDesk

Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting service that stores a variety of documents in one platform. What makes Dropbox unique is its ability to store large files in different formats without relying on disk space. Users can access data by … Continue Reading

Slack integration with HelpDesk

Slack Integration with OneDesk

Slack Slack is a cloud-based instant messaging platform that replaces internal communication overhead, such as emails, through chat rooms (known as channels). Each message is organized by topic, department, projects, private groups, and more into these channels enabling users to … Continue Reading

How a wifi service company utilizes OneDesk’s CRM features

There is no shortage of software positioned as being staples for the everyday business professional. From accounting to procurement to reporting, businesses need a variety of software to keep themselves running. Not only is it difficult sourcing all of the … Continue Reading

Integrate with Mailchimp

Quickly Build your Mailchimp Audience by Integrating OneDesk

Mailchimp is an end to end marketing platform that started as an email marketing tool alternative to the expensive email software in the early 2000s. The goal was to provide small businesses access to technological resources and tools to grow … Continue Reading

OneDesk January 2020 – New Integrations!

Welcome to the first release of OneDesk in the new decade! This update was rolled out on January 28 2020. This release could be called “The Integration Release” because that was the main focus this month. Integrations We built out … Continue Reading

How a software company uses custom webforms to help design bespoke software

Custom webforms are needed to capture custom requests For companies that work on custom requests, it is paramount that they nail gathering requirements from their customers. We live in an increasingly distributed work environment, which sometimes exacerbates the difficulties in … Continue Reading

How to embed the client portal on your website using an iFrame

OneDesk includes a variety of Customer apps which you can put on your website to better serve your customers. These apps include live chat, ticket forms, knowledge base, and a client-facing ticket portal. The easiest way to put them on … Continue Reading

How a mortgage company utilizes the conversations feature on OneDesk

As companies and teams become more and more distributed, communication only becomes more important. For organizations that deal with finance matters, this is only more true. There is no room for miscommunications and distractions when there are large amounts of … Continue Reading

All About Gantt Charts in OneDesk

What are Gantt charts? Gantt charts consist of horizontal bars that indicate a project’s schedule on a horizontal timeline. Each bar represents a task with the left end of the bar positioned at the start of the task, and the … Continue Reading