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OneDesk joins forces with #PMChat

What is #PMChat? Originally created by Rob Prinzo and Robert Kelly, #PMChat, is a weekly project management Twitter chat that happens every Friday at 12:00 PM Eastern. It’s a great way to share insights and exchange ideas with some of … Continue Reading

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What is Requirements Management? – A Video Infographic

What is Requirements Management? 80% of project failures are due to poor requirements management. That’s scary, right? Different companies have different ways of defining this process. Good requirements management is essential for those who want to see better business results … Continue Reading

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Manage ideas and drive innovation

The Three P’s of Product Innovation Product innovation is not simply about generating new ideas. It is a complex process, and many organizations struggle with the design and implementation of an effective innovation strategy that yields measurable results over the … Continue Reading

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Crowdsourcing Examples and Innovative Surprises

Featured Crowdsourcing Example: New, Pretty Weather App by Yahoo! Reading the headlines today, I was surprised to see the words “Yahoo!” and “gorgeous new iOS weather app” in the same sentence. Throughout 2012, Yahoo! has gone through ups and downs, … Continue Reading

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Manage Products effectively: OneDesk Webinars

Manage products: Learning From Past Mistakes If you are involved in any area of product management, you are fully aware of the need to be constantly evolving and growing with your products, implementing new techniques, and adopting more efficient processes … Continue Reading

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Frugal Innovation: A Groundbreaking Business Strategy

In the early months of 2013, buzz about a new business strategy started circulating. Word had it that companies like Renault-Nissan had discovered a “secret” groundbreaking business paradigm that enables them to generate more business. Introducing Frugal Innovation This new … Continue Reading

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LinkedIn communities product people should join

Top 5 LinkedIn communities for product professionals #PMChat: This group is built and named after the popular #PMChat Twitter chat, a weekly discussion hosted by Rob Kelly, Rob Prinzo and Hala Saleh. Topics explored during these chats center around Project … Continue Reading


Using A Gantt Chart To Successfully Plan Complex Projects

Project managers are often faced with the challenge of managing different projects at the same time. Whether a project is simple or complex, project managers need to ensure that all projects are carefully managed because without proper tracking, some projects … Continue Reading

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Feedback methods and risk factors

Feedback methods: Some scary statistics In today’s dynamic and competitive markets, gaining deeper insight into customer problems, issues, and ideas are key factors in keeping businesses heads above the water. There is insurmountable evidence from case studies and surveys that … Continue Reading

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OneDesk’s Customers & Accounts Application

OneDesk’s Customers & Accounts application allows you to keep all information about your customers and their companies in one place. The customers & accounts can be accessed through the applications drop-down. The application is divided into two modes. In the … Continue Reading