Idea teams need software too

Powerful product collaboration software for your entire innovation and idea team Innovative ideas can come from many different channels and individuals across your organization. The question to consider is: How many of these potentially great ideas are being put into … Read More

Channelling Feedback – the OneDesk Experience

As a OneDesk user I have instant access to a number of customer oriented channels to capture feedback right out of the box. Upon signup for the application, you are given the following handy email addresses to get you started … Read More

Get collaborative in seconds – OneDesk “how to” video

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this short :45 (sec) video, we decided that it deserved a post of its own. At the heart of the OneDesk application are a set of easy-to-use collaboration functions that allow you to publish … Read More

OneDesk’s Task Management Application

OneDesk’s Task Management Application: Unique We are often asked, “What makes OneDesk’s task management application unique?” Since we launched in OneDesk two years ago, our task management application has evolved. It started out as an application that businesses can use … Read More

Bulk Operations on Feedback Items

The bulk edit button allows you to make multiple changes to several pieces of feedback at the same time. Here’s how: 1. Click the bulk edit button located in your icons menu. A new window will appear entitled “bulk edit-feedback”. … Read More

OneDesk Acquires Ryma

July 11, 2012 — OneDesk (, provider of the world’s first unified product and services platform announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Ryma Technology Solutions, a leader in product management software. OneDesk is the only product that … Read More

How to use Gantt Chart Color Coding and Rules in OneDesk

How to use Gantt Chart Color Coding and Rules in OneDesk OneDesk includes color coded Gantt charts as part of its feature-rich blend of applications for total project management control. This short video gives a breif overview of the interface … Read More

How to use OneDesk’s Requirement Application

Among the many integrated features built into OneDesk, is a powerful set of requirement management and analysis tools that let you be flexible and maintain control over your product requirements. As part of our new series of use cases, here’s … Read More

How to Use OneDesk’s Helpdesk Application

How to Use OneDesk’s Helpdesk Application The Helpdesk is a key application in the large and multifacetted set of features which make OneDesk one of the most comprehensive project management solutions around. As part of our new series of use … Read More

How to Use OneDesk’s Feedback Application

How to use OneDesk’s Feedback Application OneDesk’s feedback application helps you manage all feedback that is sent to your organization in one place. In this short video, we teach you how to navigate through OneDesk’s feedback application, how to create … Read More