Online Research Communities: The Next Big Thing

Online research communities are the next big thing. Also known as “research 2.0,” this emerging type of research allows businesses access to newer types of insights that traditional research methods, such as surveys and focus groups don’t provide. Setting up … Continue Reading

The Manage Projects, All Projects, and Organization Projects Options in OneDesk

  There are three parts of the Project drop-down. Here is a guide to each one. Manage projects Here, you can: – View all the projects you are part of – Create projects – Share projects – View the users … Continue Reading

Dealing with Product/Project Manager Responsibility Overload

Whether you are a project manager or product manager, chances are that your job has you running around in circles, trying to make sure that everyone’s responsibilities are met. Every project or product manager had to deal with one dreaded … Continue Reading

International Women’s Day: Top 5 Women in Product and Project Management

Today is International Women’s Day. In honor of this great holiday we have compiled a list of some of the most influential women in product and project management. Check out their great work! 1. Elizabeth Harrin: She is the driving … Continue Reading

What is Project Management? – A Video Infographic

What is project management? In an attempt to answer this tough question, we pulled out a variety of information from various sources. Project management is defined by many things – by the tools it takes to carry it out, the … Continue Reading

From social to product: Building the ultimate command center

Organizations have quickly understood the importance of maintaining a strong and continuous social presence online. As a result, a new concept and strategy has emerged:’The Social Command Center’. This idea has spread like wildfire and found its way into many … Continue Reading

Importing and Exporting Files in OneDesk

One of the advantages of using OneDesk is that it allows you to import files and keep working on them in OneDesk for a more streamlined business process. Importing files allows you to save time entering items – imagine needing … Continue Reading

How to get great product ideas from employees

Did you know that today is employee appreciation day? Here’s your chance to show your employees their real value in the organization. Employees are excellent sources of new product ideas. The reality is, organizations still fail to source internally generated … Continue Reading

Business Benefits of Product Management

The following is a guest post from Natalie Yan Chatonsky. Natalie is the Head of Consulting at Brainmates, a Sydney-based consulting agency that helps organisations boost the performance of their products and people. Connect with her on Twitter at @Brainmates. … Continue Reading

A Breakdown of OneDesk’s Administration Section

In the Administration section of OneDesk, you can set permissions for those in your organization, as well set preferences for the customer portal and the feedback you receive from customers. The Administration section can be found under your user menu. … Continue Reading